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Peter asked 7 months ago
Can you tell me if fxglobalminer.com is a genuine, reputable and legitimate company please? I have been struggling to find out this information.

They are based in Oswego New York USA.

I am currently a “First Time” active Bitcoin Miner with them but have been having doubts about the legitimacy and I’m frightened that I may be being scammed!
I’ve been getting concerned because they (my account contact) haven’t been very open and transparent with me regarding the costs involved to do this.
I have paid $1000 initial deposit then, got told a week later that I had to pay another $1700 for “Hash Power? Then, a week after that had to pay $2690 Withdrawal Fee – the 2nd and 3rd requests for money were a surprise and not advised from the outset. Now, they want me to pay $3860 Commission upfront before they will release the profit to me!
I have always been aware that a commission would be payable but, not the other payments.
There has also been a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes during communications with my account contact giving me doubts about their legitimacy.
Please, please help?
Looking forward to hearing from you as a matter urgency please.
Hopefully you can provide me with some reassurance that they are genuine, “legit” and the money that I have paid out already, is safe!
Kindest regards.


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Pete answered 5 months ago

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