FXT Options. Has anyone had any experience?

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Eric Whalley asked 4 years ago

I have been invited by a FB “friend” to join and trade with a company called FXT Options.

There is very little mention on the web about this company.  It claims to be linked to TCM investments, and that it is licenced in China.  A search for TCM investments brings up a link for OptionRally, which also claims to be linked to TCM, with a very similar website, almost word for word in many cases, and quotes the same licence number but in Belize this time.

My friend introduced me to his “Pro Trader” on FB, and they have both introduced me to several members with testimonials.

Has anyone had dealings with any of these companies?  Also, as I am in Australia, are there any issues with being able to trade via overseas companies?

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Australians should trade only with ASIC licensed brokers.
There are a few Australia binary options broker listed here: https://brokerwithdrawal.com/best-brokers/

Dylan answered 3 years ago
Same thing happened to me. My friend said he was using FXT Options and everything was working as planned – he made profits and was able to withdraw funds when he wanted. I invested a total of 4k. I tried to take everything out… 3 months ago. They sent me a “screen shot”, which was obviously faked, of them sending the money via paypal. These fuckers keep telling me to “exercise patience while [they] work round the clock to get this resolved”, but will not communicate with me in any more detail than that.

Oh and at the same time, my friend’s funds are “caught up” in some problem with a bank, so he cant get anything.

Its a scam. 100%. Dont be an idiot like me.

Dada answered 3 years ago
Dylan Did you get your money back?