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Steve asked 3 years ago
Get financial site is down I can’t contact then either by phone or email . This worries me as I can’t access my trades can anyone help out on this thanks

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Marwan answered 3 years ago
I have been scammed by as Well ..
cant get in touch with Them.this happened lately , I haven’t got any help yet ..
did you get any assistance to get your fund back ?

Janis Torgans answered 2 years ago
[It’s duplication from my report on another site]

I asked my initial deposit back because I got to Getfinancial in some strange way (the lady per phone asked mu CC data and I was stupid enough to give them and after that – in the moment – I got DOD to sign in net!). They answered it was OK and I’ll get my 250 back.

Since then nothing! Getfinancial – and ERROR or FORBIDDEN! Sep7 – Sep13. Fake and Fraud!
Janis T. 10/28/18

Silvia answered 2 years ago
Mir geht es ebenfalls so. Niemand meldet sich mehr nach meiner Einzahlung und es ist auch niemand erreichbar. Aber ich Versuche es jetzt selbst,  was allerdings nicht bedeutet, dass ich je an meine Gewinne komme. Nicht empfehlenswert!  Abzocke! !

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