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susan smith asked 5 years ago
Can anyone help me and tell me who I can get help to get money back, that I’ve was some how put into Morton finance, when I was actually was signing up with verify trader. (Yes, I found out they aren’t any better).

My money was put into Morton Finance not by me. When I pushed the button on Verify Trader, Morton Finance opened up.

Now I cant get the money back, and I’ve done everything they asked when it comes to sending docs for refund.


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Randy answered 5 years ago
I need my money back on my credit card now or legal action will come to u

Elizabeth answered 5 years ago
I had an account with Morton Finance. They just took my money. I filed a dispute with my bank regarding this. They even tried to take $2000 out of my account without my consent that I don’t even have. Fortunately my bank put a security freeze on my account. Best bet file a dispute with your credit card company. This binary trading company can’t be trusted. They are a Scam. Hope this helps.

Daniella Jones answered 5 years ago
Morton Finance – Customer Relations Manager at your service
Dear member,
My name is Daniella Jones and I’m here to provide assistance and help you with any matter that you might have.
As the company’s Customer Relations Manager I’ll do my best in helping you out.
Kindly contact me at: [email protected]
Please provide a short summary of your claim with your account number, email you signed up with and your nickname over the forum and the forum’s name.
I will look into your claim and get back to your email within 4 business days or sooner.
Take Care,

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