Is GToption Not a Scam ?

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Hi , Amira

My question is I signed up with gtoption and am not understanding if this company is legitimate and regulated, or a scam. It’s been since November 2015 until now, still with this binary company.

I didn’t make a withdrawal yet, hoping there will be no complications. What are the complications I will run through if I’m scammed God forbid.

I went through a lot of risks and if I should close this account what are the procedures to do.

Hopefully I get my money back.

2 Answers
CaseyJ answered 5 years ago
They are a scam. I invested a large amount of life savings with them. They kept me calling me any time of the day and asked me to bid on those options. Guess what? Lost over 20K in one day and then they tell me i need to keep up the acc going with adding more money. They asked for 2K.  i said no, i have only 2K australian dollars, they said transfer it over. I told no. Then they call again. I said no. Then they said to me they will suspend my account for disobedience. I called them a scammer. They kept quiet and disconnected.

Graham answered 5 years ago
I too will agree do not deal with GT Options unless you want to lose money. Their customer service sucks, the telephone numbers they give do not get you through to speaking to a human, their chat help is a waste of time and any emails you send go unanswered. You will get various brokers phone you up asking you to invest more money and when you say no they become abusive and rude. Try withdrawing your money and no one will want to deal with you. The advice they give you on where to trade will lose you money, I believe they don’t have a clue. I got burnt by this trader so my advice is avoid them at all costs