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Jim Kirkham asked 4 years ago
i was recently contacted by a company that is called best-trades and they are located at best-trades.com

My question is has anyone dealt with this company. I am unable to get information on them anywhere and their support email doesn’t even work. They told me i had located them with an interest in trading, although i have been looking for a trusted and legit trading platform, i am really questioning this company.

They got me to sign on and told me i have 250 USD and i need to add 250 CAN to start trading.

My credit card was maxed out at the time so i could not complete the transaction thankfully that day. I am thankful for that since i cant contact them by phone or email. Should i be worried about theft or anything since i don’t have an account with them, but i did give out a credit card #.

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Best-Trades is not licensed in Australia, and they are not licensed in Canada.
Nowhere on their website do they mention being licensed or regulated.
Only trade with a licensed broker! See the best brokers here

Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Did you speak with the people at MyChargeback.com

Hannam Wakelin answered 4 years ago
Hi… I have just come off the phone with the best-trades representatives and they said I registered with them  – I had never heard of them! And have no prior recollection of registering with them!
I spoke with a Philipina lady,for a while about it,and found she was very insistent on me depositing the Minimum $US 250 in order to receive the  US $250 Bonus that  I  could withdraw out after 15 minutes… She was continually insistent even though I told her I had prior commitments – bills to pay etc. I then talked to a Fiance person who was the same! It took me a while to get them to understand,and see, my dilemma – wrong timing for depositing money into a trading company. I understand the sales ploy/spiel that you should”grab the once in a lifetime opportunity while its hot.” These people are simply trying to push a sale/deposit/a sign up as any other company representative is taught to do.
People feeling pushed to act need to either hang up on them or get it through their heads,that the ordinary Joe has commitments,bills,and other priorities.Was very adamant, and stayed very wary, as have been ripped off by UK Options and another trading company. Best thing about the best-traders was they took you through the many steps/options on their website/your account unlike the others I’ve encountered!
So do more research into them via Youtube – King Hit does good reviews on trading scams – or Google,before you deposit hard earned cash and get stung! Learn from other people’s mistakes!

Chris Philipps answered 4 years ago
I have been working with Best-Trades for 5 months now and I haven’t encountered any issues with them. They called me and said that there is an opportunity for me to trade on the stock market so I did. Right after I made a deposit someone from the compliance team contacted me and get some information. Once I completed the requirements, one of the senior brokers called me and started trading. I made decent profits with them although I also lost some of my investments but the returns and my withdrawals are pretty much profitable and I think I will stay with them for a longer while.

Louis George answered 3 years ago
Well, I\’m ashamed to say it, but now i\’m a victim of Best Trades Binary traders. Mine is more recent times leading to August 2017 – They have switched to VIP-Brokers.com
Again trying to respond is imposible. THe broker comes on lines on Skype I can see but never replies to me.
I\’ was in a situation like Chris Philipps was in the thread above. I bet things have now changed for him when trying to recall some of the money. As a withdrawal will register , but will never happen.
Can anyone share their experience on withdrawals please.

Tony Hopton answered 3 years ago
Best-Trades.com switched to VIP-Brokers.com 
My Broker was Michael Green and I think both sites are gone

Dominic Liddell answered 3 years ago
I am afraid I am in the same boat as Tony and Louis. Michael Green was my broker too. I have taken the whois data and reported the site best-trades.com as a fraudulent operation and requested details of the owner of the site. between myself and my friend we have over 160,000 USD at stake. So need some positive news. 
I have tried for 2 months to make a single withdrawal and have not received a penny. 
This is the info I have would welcome any other help with this 

Dominic Liddell answered 3 years ago
This is the policy of the Domain Registrar if you are going to take this further 

Anonymous Trader answered 3 years ago
They are trading as vip brokers using bitcoin as their con. They keep asking for more deposits a ponzi scheme or just a blatant conjob . Do not go near these nigerian scammers

Aselle Abigo answered 3 years ago
I have been searching for Best-trade all over the net and can\’t find them since I sign up to trade with them and paid £250. they just vanished into thin air. This was a loan I thought could help me restart whilst studying. Please kind people,  if you hear anything about their registered office or the bank they are operating from let us hear from you. Thanks