Has anyone heard of BinaryOnline Brokers

Investment ForumHas anyone heard of BinaryOnline Brokers
Farzana asked 4 years ago
I was one of those victims who was fooled by an advert offering to earn income from home type of advert, arriving ‘unsolicited’ in my email.  However I became interested to find out how that was done, so it turned out to be these amazing softwares that could do our trades automatically.  As I had no knowledge about this category of trading, I just thought it was similar to Forex tradings that we often hear about.  In anycase the form I filled out didn’t take me to the software that was advertised, it had somehow got or looked jammed, so I simply deleted the email thinking it did not go through.  But next day someone called saying they had received my information and they wanted to convince me that their company was worth trying especially as I would get my refund of deposits if I did not want to use them. So I joined and the lady called ‘Jade Winters’ showed me around their website especially where to upload my documents.  Her confirmation email confirmed the fact that no decision had been made at that stage as to which type of trading I had chosen eg whether auto trading or manual trading.  She also knew my concerns that as I was very new to this business I needed training first.  Then after a couple of days there was a change of account manager, suddenly I got someone else called Adam Malina, but the proof that I needed training first is obvious from his email because he set out that agenda on his email, so once again the company knew that I had not opted to trade automatically before these events.  By the weekend of 5th, 6th Nov2016, I decided I wanted to leave and wrote to Adam Malina my intentions about not feeling ready to trade and that I might only consider the 1 minute trading strategies.  By Monday morning 8am UK time I received a call from him, he did not remotely carry out the training agenda he had written about, instead he was vexed and trying to sort of scorn me for trying to leave.  By 11am UK time, I decided to write another email to confirm my decision to leave but I didn’t hear from him at all. So I went into their website to request a ‘withdrawal’ but there I was surprised to find my balance had become $249.75 from $255 deposited, so I quickly sent the request.  By I was curious why this had happened so I contacted the ‘Livechat’ facility. A support agent called Peter Haris replied by sayuing there had been trading, and while I protested that this could not be possible as I did not action any such button or request, the balance was rapidly going down.  I could not even get through to someone on the phone but while trying Peter haris replied that his technical team had stopped the auto-trade function.  But he and his manager continued to claim that somehow I was responsible for starting autotrade or I had asked Gemini software.  This was evidence of their fraud because they knew well that the gemini form which we were made to fillout never took us/me to Gemini’s software or website, that there was no ID account or passwords from Gemini, or documents submitted to Gemini, so if there wasn’t any trading platform from gemini, how can I have actioned an auto-trade from Gemini ? My legal contract is with BinaryOnline as they took the money and they issued me with their account ID and password therefore access to their trading platform or software for auto-trading.  But if evidence of my decisions exist to show that I decided to leave before I entered their website then how can they think or fool anyone that I intended to start an auto-trade just as I wanted to execute my withdrawal request ?  Absurd. Not possible as my evidence that I didn’t believe in trusting the autotrade was in my email to Adam Malina over the weekend. This action was unsolicited event carried out by BinaryOnline in order to harass me out before leaving.

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Jose Luis Joseluis answered 4 years ago
They are running a BIG SCAM!!! STAY AWAY…In this scam site you can deposit but you can’t NEVER MAKE A WITHDRAWAL!!!! LOOK, THEY CANCELLED ALL MY WITHDRAWAL!!! The trick is that when you make a withdrawal, you have to wait for a expert trade call, that will push you to trade until you has lost all your money!!!
33503 19:19 21/06/17 $900.00 Withdrawal canceled Default deposit method 17:55 22/06/17
33150 10:32 17/06/17 $5000.00 Withdrawal canceled Default deposit method …
33108 19:09 16/06/17 $5000.00 Withdrawal canceled Default deposit method …
32882 15:14 14/06/17 $4180.00 Withdrawal canceled Default deposit method 15:29 15/06/17
32774 16:05 13/06/17 $4000.00 Withdrawal canceled Default deposit method 14:05 14/06/17