Has anyone heard of BROKERXP?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsHas anyone heard of BROKERXP?
Zhlobin Antony asked 5 years ago


If you are willing to earn money on online trading BROKERXP will allowed you to do this. Let us fast dive into details how to start, adapt and to begin earning online. 5 minutes separate you from trading, while you are reading this. It means that the easy process of registration and submitting your identification documents for account validation will take 5 minutes and I’ts absolutely free. The process of making a deposit is convenient too. The broker doesn’t have any fee on it, only limitation by minimal deposit – 500$.

When you are investing money, you want guarantees of its safeness. BROKEXP can give you such, because it is dealing with top tier liquidity, exactly 22 1 tier banks secure your money. So feel free to deposit any amount of money.

What offers BROKERXP?

This broker offers its users suitable conditions for both professional and novice in trading. If you have experience in trading and want to become a scalper – the elite of the market, so no problems. BROKERXP grants you such possibility. If you want to make somehow stable money, so trade with leverage, here is possible to do it between 1:1 – 400:1. Its size depends on deposit. The spreads are starting from 0.0. If you want to have access to financial markets anywhere and moreover have personal consultant try Metatrader 4 (MT4) with its mobile app. Just download it and be «on air» all time long. In addition to already mentioned the BROKERXP has the large range of assets on one platform including 70+ forex currency pairs, precious metals, oil and gas. Its proprietary liquidity aggregator, leads the market with range of commodities and depth of liquidity.

But this all information concerns skilled and experienced traders and what about those who just want to make a first steps in trading? BROKEXP already took care about this category. The site of the broker consist analysis of the markets, news, trends. Also available Academy of financial studying. There you can find proper materials for self-education: video guides, electronic books. In case after learning all stuff you will have any questions left, you can contact the support team. It is available 24/5. Feel free to ask anything that is unclear for you.

From time to time traders will gain bonuses from BROKERXP, which are considered to Non-Deposited Funds. It means that it is for trading purposes only, and cannot be withdrawn. But you can withdraw the profit made with bonuses or at least practice in trading.

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

BrokerXP is NOT Licensed in neither South Africa nor the United Kingdom!

If you want to invest your money, Only use a broker that is licensed and regulated.

Look at the Best Brokers List.

Already lost your money, get it back, read more.

John E Rolfe answered 4 years ago
I think this company is a scam they will not let me withdraw my deposit….BEWARE….John E Rolfe

sonics mlgr answered 4 years ago
yeah this is a scam. i have joined last january and withdrawn my money but until my money is not back. be careful guys. dont be scammed by BROKERXP!!!!!

Stewart Horne answered 4 years ago
I joined 4 months ago promised would get all my money within a month profits as well had nothing back been trying for the last 2 months getting told lies and promises a total scam do not get involved with broker XP ..

Mug!!! answered 4 years ago

Kelvin answered 4 years ago
Did anyone withdrawal the money from brokerxp? my money have been held for over a month since I requested to withdrawal?

J0n3sy answered 4 years ago
This is a scam. They take your deposit and do nothing while your money slowly decreases. BROKER XP IT’S FRAUDULENT. THIEVES AND SCAMMERS. BROKER XP IT’S FRAUDULENT. THIEVES AND SCAMMERS.

A Murdoch answered 4 years ago
I invested $2500 with these thieves and got nothing back, so it’s definitely a scam. I am getting the police involved…

george answered 4 years ago
If you have any trace of intelligence just keep away, never see the money back.

Christina Yesil answered 4 years ago
Still waiting refund of £966.05 since Aug 1st after repeated phone calls and emails, is there any hope NOT IMPRESSED can’t afford to give away money to scammers !!!

Storm answered 4 years ago
“Invested” $250 with XP in July 2018…they almost got away with my money.

I investigated, stalked, hunted, irritated them on every social platform I could.

Sent email’s on a hourly basis for approximately a month, posted on every Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram article/review of XP for two months non stop. Flooded their website/App with fake accounts and requesting a broker that can invest  “R1 million” retirement funds on my behalf…

They loved me?? and when I had all their information (some very private) I began blackmailing and scaring the shit out of them…persistence paid off after 2 months 6 day’s…

They paid me back my money and apologized… But I’m not done with them I’ll keep harassing them till end of time. ??

Christina Yesil answered 3 years ago
Can you  imagine how stupid I am ! I gave them funds in June and have not seen it since !!! No investments made or refunds offered just music on the phone while waiting , if you’re lucky enough to get an answer ,then we go thro name address, account number etc etc only to be told it will be 5 days , in fact they have no intention of paying me or indeed anyone else !! I’ve emailed them frequently to no avail then they promise me I’ll be called back , that was in August , yes sometimes they do ,at home , when they know I’m not there !???

if anybody has any luck do let me know in the meantime I’m going to email and phone them every day or get a plane to their office and retrieve everybody’s money too

Best of luck
Lady Westminster

Mohsin answered 3 years ago
The day I find a member of Brokerxp (Steve Palmer)
they will wish they never worked as a broker
they fucked with the wrong guy

and to all you have been scammed let get together and make sure that they don’t trade
and I don’t know what the trading regulations
letting this matter go on for

Cant con me answered 3 years ago
20 B of the Terms and Conditions state Clearing and billing services are provided by: M&A MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS CONSULTANCY LP. Suite 1 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH2 1JE.
SCAM This limited partnership was  dissolved on the 15th March 2019,  XP Brokers are not  regulated by any financial institution. It is a SCAM many times over

Roy Earnshaw answered 3 years ago
I Like many others have been duped by these scammers, Please give them a wide berth. They are a Scam.
They have £750 of mine, and despite umpteen phone calls, Nothing

Terry White answered 3 years ago
Review 1
Usually I never leave any reviews but this time I really wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Broker XP team. I’ve been working on 2 jobs for the past 7 years and never believed in making money out of nothing. Day by day I worked over 10 hours until one time I ran into an article about cryptocurrency boom and signed up for Broker XP system. Immediately my personal manager called me, guided me into my account and helped me to activate it. He offered me to invest the minimum of $250 just to give it a try and I took my chance. Not only did he manage my account but also taught me a lot things about trading and financial market. I won’t lie, you will not be making millions in 1 month time. And if someone tells you so, never listen to this guy. But I managed to triple my investment in 2 weeks and I am not about to stop. Give it a try with a minimum and you will see it yourself!!!! ((;

Bruno answered 2 years ago
I’m very surprised about the storm brought over broiler xp?! Not only I’ve been attended any time nor left one question without respond.
Even more, they doubled my account within 2 months AND a withdraw reached me within 3 (!) working days.

So I’m not sure what the haters are going for?

jonas answered 1 week ago
Regulators have issued warnings against websites offering regulated financial products without permission. Some of the warned scams and their operators like this company. . Unfortunately i had lost a huge part of my investment to this company. Fortunately, I was able to get all my assets recovered with the help of blockchainchargeback at gmail dot com. Thank me later.

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