Have anyone heard of NSXcoin?

Investment ForumCategory: General QuestionsHave anyone heard of NSXcoin?
Norman asked 2 years ago
Have anyone heard of NSXcoin? Their website is at: https://nsxcoin.com/.

I saw a trading software called Bitcoin Loophole, and which I signed up, they asked me to make a deposit at NSXCoin.

So my real question is, is NSX a good company for investing, or are they a scam?

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Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Norman,

According to the NSXCoin website they are owned by;

Tech Mount LTD OU, Address: Harju Maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna Linnaosa, Narva mnt 5, 10117

So it seems that they are not a licensed broker. If you choose to invest with an unregulated or unlicensed broker, then you are not afforded the same protections that an FCA broker give you, read more.

There are many different automated trading systems available today. Take a minute, and try some of the popular ones listed here.

Good luck!

indrajit ghosh answered 2 years ago
To all who is looking to invest in NSXcoin
I started off investing $250, it was good at first the investments were growing but then so were the phone calls from my dedicated account manager who at that time was Robert Kerry. Pressuring to invest more money. I was happy the way things were going but the phone calls every day sometimes 2 or 3 times trying to get me go invest $10000, then it dropped to $5000. As my investments went up so did the problems I was unable to make any withdrawals the account was frozen emails to get them to reopen phone calls are a no no they can call you but you cannot phone them.
My investment grew to $6980.67 still unable to withdraw still they wanted more investment when I said no definitely no way was I investing any further money
My account was stripped by the NSX coin the sold without my knowledge or permission Crude oil within 19 seconds closing with a loss of $2316. Within seconds did another selling of Crude oil within 10 seconds has lost me a further $3283. So yes a wonderful experience of how go loose money so very very quickly I don’t expect that no amount invested would get you any returns. My advice KEEP WELL AWAY don’t invest
Indrajit Ghosh.


Garry answered 2 years ago
Hello, I am reqistered with this platform on2/5/2019.The broker was not license.
I have request for withdrawal, i have both my request cancel by then.I have 4 acct manager
Advised me to cancel and allowed them to trade
On my behaft,which i will never allowed
Please forget about withrawal once you deposit.This is massive Scam broker
Please avoid this brokee,I was assign by Cryto Masterbot to sign for this unrequlated broker

lawchengyean answered 2 years ago
i have play before nsxcoin so far everything is good,only the live chat online very random

michael answered 2 years ago
fake fake fake
its a fraud company…..do not invest with your money its a fake company…..been trying to get my money back…..no respond…….there website will also expired next month….

jonathon wilson answered 2 years ago
scammers. as soon as u deposit they remove live chat, dont return any calls or emails. i didn’t even get my money invested in anything. it just sat there in my acc doing nothing.

so i tried to withdraw my money and laughter was the response. their what makes people hate people. how could u knowingly steal someones money and not care? probably due to them being what i call THE SCUM OF SOCIETY

Shannon answered 2 years ago
Scam and fraud, nsxcoin.com is all about that. Be careful. Do not bother visiting or registering on their website or platform or say goodbye to your money.

Heather answered 2 years ago
It is a scam. They pressure you into investing more & refuse to let you withdraw your money – my bank said because they had ‘howtopay billing’
they must be a legitimate company.
It looks good at the start but it is a total fraudulent operation.

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