Have you reviewed Options Magnat?

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Moderator Staff asked 7 years ago
Your site is very informative and interesting.  I wish to ask you to review, or investigate optionsmagnat.  And yes, that is 'magnat', not magnet. I got this broker account [which I have not invested in yet,] from this new offer of software: 'Guaranteed Outcome'. Their website is: guaranteedoutcome. It sounds very exciting.....but when I registered, the site automatically registered me with options magnat as my broker account. I thought this rather odd. I believe this broker is located in the United Kingdom. I will be interested in hearing from you and your opinion.  I will not invest until I do.
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Moderator Staff answered 7 years ago
There are literally hundreds of robots like Guaranteed Outcome, which go by many different names. See our post here: https://brokerwithdrawal.com/best-trading-robots/ about trading robots and software. Always make sure you are using a CySEC licensed broker.
Anonymous answered 7 years ago
I invested money with optionsmagnate made profile but now I can't get my profit. Has anyone ever received there profits?
Anonymous answered 7 years ago
I've been trying to get my withdrawal funds for 6 weeks. Seriously regretting doing business with these idiots.
Anonymous answered 7 years ago
I believe that Options Magnat is a 'SCAM'... I invested over $2500 with this company after being directed to their platform by George S thru his professional binary options autobot..  He's all over the internet...  When I tried to call Options Magnat on their phone line, I noticed that you get a recording which says that you are " Caller #2 ", and that the estimated wait time is '2' mins... Then after awhile the recording comes back on and says to you that your estimated wait time is '4' mins... This goes on and on and your estimated wait time goes higher and higher until you finally give up trying to talk to someone..  When you write them, nobody ever responds to you...  They'll let you 'invest' your money, but I think that they 'NEVER' intend to give you any of your money back...  I don't know if it will do anything, but I'm getting in touch with the 'FRAUD' dept of VISA, and let them know so that maybe I can get my money back... I presently have $650 in my account there that I have attempted to 'WITHDRAW'..  Good luck to you.. Also Scammed