Have You Heard of Binary Books or LBinary?

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
#1 I REALLY, REALLY APPRECIATE THIS WEBSITE. IT IS THE ONLY PLACE I HAVE FOUND TO GET REAL INFO. A I App stands for Artificial Intelligence APP, and is supposed to give you of course wins about 82% of the time. I realized that even 50/50 wins/loses would be good IF you got more for the trade than a 50% return, like if you got $60 every time you lost $25 for the trade. Unfortunately, you normally get less than half -- like $45 for a $25 trade. In my limited experience, I found that A I APP only won about 1/3 of the time. OPPS!!! I calculate I have lost around $500, but about $100 was lost with another app. -- My Cash Bot which DOES get 50/50, but since you win like $45 for every $25 you lose, it was slowing eroding my $500 away, so I stopped it. An expensive school, but a fascinating world. A broker from Binary Books is calling though (Simon Glozman). He claims he has a 73% success rate or something like that. Do you have any complaints or info on him or his company? I didn't find his company listed in your list. Is his company registered? He immediately wanted me to give him like $5000 and he would match it with $5000, saying smaller accounts were riskier. What is his all about. Would this be like a bonus that I read about? where I couldn't withdraw my money. He says I don't have to trust him (but I would). He said to see how he did the first month. I let him talk me into funding it to about $1800 to $2000, but I think I am getting my brains back today. I think I might let him play with a much smaller amount, but it seems to me that if he can money with $10,000, he could prove he could increase $100 or even $500. right? I hope that I can get my money back out. Sincerely, Maryla Webb PS I am REALLY GREEN so any info would be greatly appreciated. The thing that got all this started I haven't even tried yet. It is also a "system" called Guaranteed Wealth, but their associated broker is Cherry Trade, and ALL these very large prestigious (to me anyway) organizations sent me the email to introduce it -- The Blaze, The Tea Party, Guns and Patriots - you get the idea. I haven't tried them really yet, except to make one recommended trade, but I don't know if it did it correctly I and lost about $32. Also, support for Guaranteed Wealth will email me back. I haven't been able to get any customer support from My Cash Bot (their emails have even started coming back failed) and AI APP. Guaranteed Wealth is who "told" me about AI APP, though. (Very confusing.) since their automatic trader wasn't "up" and functioning yet. I think they MAY have just gotten it up. I believe that Guaranteed Wealth is who is also promoting now this Apple Bot thing.