HighLow or Dalton Finance ?

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Kim asked 4 years ago
I need your help to choose between two binary options brokers : HighLow and Dalton Finance.
For me, the choice is not easy, since I contacted both customers supports and pointed main following informations :
-Dalton Finance ;
Pros : nice platform /Relatively profitable broker with Maximum trade size = 10000$/ accepts customers from most countries (including Canada)…
Cons ; not regulated yet (major drawback)/ very rare testimonials or feedbacks about this broker / no mobile apps yet, but only a mobile version available !

-HighLow ;
Pros : regulated by ASIC (major good point) / very good reputation, according to feedbacks it’s apparently a very serious broker, especially for withdrawals /nice platform /accepts customers from most countries (including Canada)…
Cons ; not very profitable broker with Maximum trade size = 2000$ (major drawback for me)!
So, which one would be the best choice : Dalton Finance or HighLow ?
Could you bring more feedbacks about Dalton Finance please ? Even if not regulated yet, is it a serious broker especially for withdrawals ?
Has someone tried the Dalton Finance mobile version ? Is it adequate to trade easily on the Dalton Finance platform through a smartphone, please ?
Thank you in advance for your precious help.

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Kim,
You should also look into Vantage FX, and Australian broker with the Tech Financials platform. https://scambroker.com/vantage-fx/