Horrible Experience with a Binary Options Broker

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
I live in Australia where I’d had a bad experience with a forex broker who ripped more than  $20 K out of me!!

However, after a bad illness, I managed somehow to put myself back together. Then I managed to get scammed again by 3 sleazy NYC brokers in a binary options group. Silly me, ( I speak several languages and I never thought of myself as naive and gullible, but I do now!!)

These guys set me up beautifully, by ringing me every day, flirting and being such super cool dudes, they almost had me vomiting, but they were clever!! This went on for 4 months and then the harassment started. They did a “good cop/bad cop routine” and now I realise it was so orchestrated, it’s worth writing a book about the STING with their “genuine” (not) names.  By the time they finished with me, I was close to $20 K USD poorer and I never heard from them again..

Due to compliance laws, I had to give them all my credit/debit card details and this is why my Australian bank won’t do a “charge-back!”

I don’t know if this is correct procedure as many people. both Aussies, English and Americans all believed there should be some right of appeal?

The name of the broker is CVC OPTION and they have offices in the Seychelles and London and supposedly were undergoing regulation (ha! HA!). their head ooffice was supposed to be in Canada, but after the scam, the website dropped out, and then I was contacted by every wanna-be broker and his/her wife wanting to help me make my money back. I was told that the 3 had been sacked from their jobs and arrested by the police.

the only people who contacted me were “SUPPOSED SENIOR MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEES OF CVC”, but all they wanted was more money to assist me trading out of the mess. By that stage, I didn’t know who to believe or what was/wasn’t a scam. I’ve lost alltha money I’d saved and borrowed for my daughter’s operation and they all knew that.

Can anyone give me some advice, as this is about to bankrupt me after 35+ years of working as a high school teacher which has certainly left me not rich or healthy?

I need help please?