How Do I Recover my Investment from the KontoFX Scam?

Investment ForumCategory: General QuestionsHow Do I Recover my Investment from the KontoFX Scam?
greg asked 2 years ago

KontoFX is totally a scam brokerage firm!

I have been with them since August, I invested £250 pounds to start and it seemed like they were making good profits, so I invested another £750. I then added a further £1000.i asked to withdraw money from the account and £200 was credited to my bank account. I was contacted again by my account manager Chris asking me to take out a loan of £26000 because of a big event about to happen.

The profits were good to start with but then they stopped. Do not invest your money with this company! They are very convincing, but totally full of crap.

I have recently found out my account manager uses at least 2 different names and works for at least 2 different companies

This is a joke, they report me to Trustpilot as soon as I post an honest review of their horrible service. They don’t want others to realize they are a scam. All I can hope is that TrustPilot see my evidence (of which I have a multitude of).

After posting my review i did receive a call stating my account manager no longer works there. What can they do to pacify me and stay with them, I told the guy in no uncertain terms I no long want to stay with them, all I want is the money I put in, not worried about the fake profits. I withdrew consent to use my account.

So what do they do? They are now trading my account, and losing all my money. Funny that they have not traded my account for 7 weeks, but now they choose to on a deliberate loosing streak.
Every trade they have ever made on my account has always been under 3 minutes, today they have opened 5 trades on the same currency and just left open that are draining my account so that they don’t have to give my money back, they are currently losing 2000 pounds almost 800 pounds are swaps.