How Do I Withdraw From Binary Options Broker

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Sharelle asked 5 years ago

I opened up an account with a binary options broker, and before I make a deposit I want to know, what will I need to do to make a withdrawal.

I read many of the questions on the binary options forum, about people who cannot withdraw their money from brokers once they make a deposit.

Are there certain brokers who are better and processing withdrawals then others?

Which broker do you think is the best one to use.

Thank you,


2 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Sharelle,

All the problems you read about withdrawing money from a binary options broker, are unlicensed brokers.

There are only about 20 brokers who are actually licensed, and most of them are in Europe for Europeans, see here.

So the simple answer is to only trade with a broker that is licensed in your country, otherwise you will have problems withdrawing your money.

William answered 5 years ago
This is not true. I have the same problem with Ox Capital Markets, and they are licensed in Cyprus. My funds are blocked on my account and nobody is answering my withdrawal requests. Avoid these scam brokers at all cost.