How to Get Money Back From Ivory Option?

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Ivory option is also a scam.

On the first day when I deposited fund their so-called broker called me and said that I put all deposited money on one position.

I did not want to do that, it was really strange, but he began to shout to me to do that and he said that it was a gift from Ivory option no matter what happens.

The money were lost on the same day and they play dumb, or better to say they make me foolish.

What should I do?

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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago

Since Ivory Option is not a licensed broker (like many of them), there is no easy way to get your money back from them. You can try file a chargeback with your credit card company.


You should really be using a licensed broker so you don’t have problems.

adem answered 5 years ago

If you want to lose all your money open an account on ivoryoptions.
They are all dishonest and best thief.

Jonathan answered 5 years ago

They are thieves they stole 250 USD from me.

colin boxer answered 5 years ago
Please help I have just invested with Ivory Option. And am down £9350 . any ideas how to get my money back. 

Dave answered 5 years ago
Be aware of IvoryOption. To find out how efficient and professional they are I invested £250 with them, made one trade and was successful. To make sure that they were honourable and efficient with withdrawals I attempted to withdraw all the funds.
Initially it seemed OK. But I then received a phone call, I won’t name the caller but he was quite aggressive and made it very clear that they did not want to repay my initial investment and the profit from the trade.
After a period of quite heated discussion he agreed to repay the initial investment, though I haven’t received it yet, but he refused to pay the profit to me. Tried to suggest that he would pay it to a charity but it proves that they are NOT TRUSTWORTHY as I had used my money, placed a trade on the market, been successful as far as the website was concerned, but they would not pay out to me.
It is actually a shame because if they had paid me out in full then I would actually have reinvested the £250 and hoped to have built up a good trading relationship, but now I must warn everyone. I have still not been refunded the £250 but I cannot recommend IvoryOption as a reliable trader. SO BE AWARE! You deal with them at your risk.

David Maey answered 5 years ago
I told Peter Shepard that if they paid out of that 1000 dollar cheque for me joining then train me before trading then yes. To my amazement he offered to do what he could for me? He said he was something in management in Ivory Options. This was after some ten text messages so if this goes through I have nothing to loose. Or do I? Of course if i won they would say pay us deposit and when done not pay winnings. sad to be so suspicious but so many bad buggers about these evil days.

Lynne answered 5 years ago
I am in the same boat. I deposited $250 USD late last year then I found out 2 weeks later that they successfully withdrew in 4 lots another $3,000USD without my authority which sent my credit card over the limit. I approached my bank\\\’s fraud team who told me they can\\\’t do anything because apparently by them knowing details of my credit card it\\\’s not considered fraudulent.  If you find out a lawyer that could help, let\\\’s collectively go after them.

BTW, I received an e-mail from the broker that signed me up (he seems to have left Ivory Option since). His email subject was that Ivory Option is a Scam and he\\\’s asking $1000 USD for his lawyer to help get clients money back.  When I said, can the lawyer take the $1000 from the amount recovered, he stopped e-mailing me.  I think he\\\’s also trying to scam me so BEWARE!!

Noma answered 5 years ago
They have taken money from me too, those people are scamming the public and are getting away with. Something has to be done about this. Ivory option is a biggest scam they should be stopped. Surely they should be so  solicitors who are able to deal with such matters. 

M. answered 5 years ago
Hi, I’ve lost also money with Ivory Option, pity, I didn’t check before about that company, but… if you started open the account you do know. The advisor assured me the money will be INSURED, so even if I lost, they pay me back my money which I put into deposit Ł1400. Now, I lost my money, they do not answer to me and I wrote the email to them, but when I read those reviews I lost my hope. However I would like to report online .  
So I am not the one, who IO stole money, but if more people report IO, I will hope the police will closed them. And a small glimmer of hope if we all report that thiefs company maybe one day we get back ours money.
 who wants to join?

M. answered 5 years ago
I’m again, Please could we ALL report the IVORY OPTION, if more of us to report the bigger chance to close and cut off them.
this is from online report form—

  • Please be aware that each report cannot be investigated individually, although the information you provide will aid the police in building up a national picture of fraud.

We need to check that Action Fraud can take your report 

Jackie answered 5 years ago
Opened an account with ivory options on Friday. The so called accounts manager called me on Monday afternoon. He asked me what I did for a living. After telling him, he asked me to deposit 10,000 or even 30,000 in order to make real money. I informed him that I was a single mum with four mouths to feed and did not have this kind of money. He then told me to go and withdraw my £300.00 initial deposit and buy myself a nice pair of shoes. He then hung up. So massively disappointing.

Mark Fiddian answered 5 years ago
Ivory Option is not to be trusted. The initial investment is quickly followed up by heavy sales tactics to invest more and more. When you are at your limit they make a trade to prove profit can be made.
It took weeks to get my initial deposit of £250 back and also my further £750.
The profit of £700 is nowhere to be seen, when trying to withdraw this final balance a message of ‘insufficient funds’ was sent in an email. Upon further investigation they say they donated this to charity but are unwilling to prove this.
They must think I was born yesterday!
Don’t invest with unregulated companies, the risk does not appear to outweigh gains that are prommissed and not released/returned.

Marwan answered 5 years ago
I signed for 300 bouns against 300 deposit., I lost them all…. After two months they were calling me every day… I deposited 2000… And I made them 3500… And I reached the turnover amount which is (300+300)*25=15000…. Here is the trick,  I tried to withdraw lol…they said (300+300+2000)*25 which is 65000.!!!!!!  Lol although I never signed any bonus agreement except for the first 300. 
They are mother… F****… So good. 

mrpoko answered 5 years ago
I was tricked into depositing with IO after having deposited with another broker that was recommended by Qantum Code. After realising that I had been scammed I decided to make use of the $250.00 set the robot to auto trading and with in 24 hours lost all. On checking the net again I learnt that QC was a scam and also learnt about IO. I emailed IO advising them of my findings and requested a refund. I also advised that Ai did not want to deal with any account manager. The young lady gave me the information and 7 days later I received my money.
Although an account manager did ring me prior to the refund being processed and even tho there was much cussing between the two of us the outcome was in my favour. So I will invest again soon but I am in the middle of a recovery action to recover $75000.00 that was lost by an unscrupulous account manager of a recommended and licensed broker. It has been a long journey so far but I can see the end. The broking company is determined to save and protect its reputation

TheTiger answered 5 years ago
Hello guys I’m not really sure what is ur concern with Ivory. I’m trading with these guys for almost 6 months and they are very good. I did make profit and also did multiple withdrawals and all went well.

M Hussain answered 5 years ago
Yes ivory option is a fraud company once you invest then you will never get your money back. They are fraud and make you to invest more and more and then leave you alone and if you ask for withdrawal they will show you the terms and conditions to trade 25 times of your investment plus bonus amount. 

Gergana answered 5 years ago
Hello everyone!

I am currently a client of Ivory options and i invested a big amount of money!

I did not try to withdraw anything so far, but as soon as i do – i will keep you posted on the outcome.

JayJay answered 5 years ago

Hello Gergana,

I am very familiar with your story. I was depositing, doing trades with Ivory Option, winning some & loosing some. My last trade balance had given me about 45% on my initial investment & I was comfortable…I never once withdrew.


I was challenged by another Binary Broker I am registered with, to try & withdraw from IO, & that they will “play games with me”.


It’s nearly 1 month since I requested a withdrawal, & they strangely find constant excuses to pay me money.






Good luck, JJ

mahatsi answered 5 years ago
ivory option has stolen all the money I have invested, they do not respond to me what so ever! I want my money back. 
I cannot withdraw my money. 
This is crazy. 

Gergana answered 5 years ago
It should be called SCAM OPTIONS not ivory 
I am joking but i feel like crying-i was so stupid to trust a quick money promise machine which is all fake from A to Z….The scheme they played me with was me trying to reach my so called account manager Adam Naji and the mail went undelivered die to email disabled….Then i checked how much i lost,well,all my savings and hard earned money-20000$…
Very stupid of me to think that i could double or tripple my money just by depositing in this so called trading platform,into someones bank account on the other end-in London or Gibraltar or most probably IN HELL!
And i never even reached to push that withdraw button.I disabled my online account with them and did a reset on all my cards( copies of which they have)

Allan answered 5 years ago
  1. Had ion on phone 10 times today wanting me to make deposits  told so called broker it was a scam.  He hung up on me  if it looks to good to be true  then treat it as a scam

Filip Göransson answered 4 years ago
Has anyone been able to find their address? Cause it seems not even the police can get an address from theese a**holes.

Marvis Seche answered 4 years ago
How stupid i’ve been!!! So I thought I could make some money with Ivory Options, I registered on their site last week and got a call almost immediately. I spoke to the most persuasive sales person (I give her that) and before I knew it I was approving a deposit. Usually I’m a cautious person, doing searches and reading reviews before buying anything on the internet but I read reviews after I had approved the transfer. I called my bank immediately and blocked my credit card but the 250 EUR payment had already been deducted from my account.
Today I was called by “a prestigious account manager” who didn’t spare me the details of how successful he is and how he’s going to make me loads of money. He prompted several times for me to make a larger deposit as it will mean larger returns but I said I don’t have more and further more I’ll first like to see what the 250 eur gets me before I invest more. I could feel he was getting irritated and then he told me I was playing games with him and didn’t want to make money and basically waisting his time as he was granting me a favor when I have only invested 250 eur in comparaison to his other clients who have 10.000 eur etc.
The phone call ended unpleasantly and he said he’s not going to waste any more of his time on me and on 250 eur when he can be making money for people who are serious and he said he’ll look for another account manager for me.
I have tried to see if I can withdraw my initial investment (keep my fingers crossed). My bank can’t help as they say I concerted to the transaction.
Stay away Ivory Options, they’ll push you to empty your savings and then rip you off

Gavin Williams answered 3 years ago
These guys take advantage of vulnerable people including the elderly. They conned my late father into depositing £17,250 (most of his savings) into this scheme. They then continued to call and text him to the point of his death. They are utter scum bags. If you even think your loved one is using this service stop them immediately.

Darren walker answered 3 years ago
These guy have scammed me out of 20000£ and I don’t know how I’m going too tell my wife I’ve lost all our savings, specially has we have just had our second child and was hoping to make a good living out of this, scum bags…

iis there anything I can do to  recover my money