How To Make Money Using Blazing Trader?

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Moderator Staff asked 5 years ago
Blazing Trader is a new product called a binary options trading robot, or automated trading software.

You probably noticed many review websites calling the Blazing Trader a scam or a fraud and we will explain to you why they think so.

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We assume that you know what binary options trading is, and how it works. The problem is that many people have never heard of binary options trading, and when they here about a product like Blazing Trader, they think that they can make thousands of dollar like the man in the video says.

What the blazing trader does for you is automatically place traded on your brokerage account. If you are using a licensed and regulated broker, (like you should be, see here) then you have many choices for automated trading software.

The biggest scam about Blazing Trader is that is connects many people with scam offshore brokers, and that is bad! There is no reason for anyone living in Australia, United Kingdom, the United States or South Africa to use an unlicensed binary options fraud fake broker.

Go visit the robots page, and find a software that allows you to choose a licensed broker.

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Laura Belaggio answered 5 years ago
That makes a lot of sense to me.
Thank you Scam Option!!! You are the best.