I have been scammed by Acervogroup – Jan 2017

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Jagtar asked 4 years ago
I am in the middle of a binary options scam that is being perpetrated by Acervogroup. They have stopped answering phones
and emails and made it plainly clear that they are going to rob me of my lifes savings.
It involves a considerable sum of money and is currently being investigated by ActionFraud and my bank in the UK.
I would like to ask you whether you can shed any light on who they are and who operates their homepage  (acervogroup.com)
The scam is causing a lot of distress and it needs to be stopped. In fact ‘any’ information you might have would be useful and I would be very grateful.
Just so that you know, this is a serious mail and I am providing my mobile phone number below. I am British but I live in Denmark.
Thanks for any information you may be able to provide.
Jagtar Rai
+45 60600830
[email protected]

2 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Have you tried speaking with someone at MyChargeBack.com.

Anonymous Trader answered 4 years ago
Yes thank you, I am speaking with them. If you have any more info, id appreciate it. 
Many thanks