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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
I have in a short period of time a lot of information with FTrade. I did invest 200$ 2 days ago, and after 3 phone calls with them i did realize that they a liars. (Sorry about my English, my language is German.)

They told me that i do not have to trade by myself , and that they will make from 200$ in one week 1000$.

The next call was the bonus ( i did not accept a bonus ) because i know what happens when i take a bonus ….  40 times or so.

Then the man told me, when I do not more invest , so I have just to sit and wait for the 1000$ it will take 2 weeks. Next day an other man called me and he told me he want me to learn trading, I told him that i have the information that they will make without me in one week from my 200$ 1000$ and that i have no time to trade by myself. He said no, he have to call me at least 3 times a week 5 minutes ( at the beginning they told they make the 1000$ with a software ).

Then i start having bad feelings about them (also on the first call i ask if they had a license, the answer was yes).

After all these stories I wrote them a email: that they should cancel my transaction and send me back immediately my money on my card.

And they answered me: In order to receive your money back, your account needs to be fully verified. To verify your account please send us the rest of the documents.

I do not want to verify, because i want to go out , what can i do? They are liars! This is my money and i do not work with them, because they told always something else, and to put the my money in the account i also did not have to verify.

My FTrade story started with a phone call, they did call me and told me all this stories.

Please tell me something (soon) i have to act now.

Thank you kindly

I write you from Switzerland and tomorrow morning i will get the next call, what shall i tell them?