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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
hello there,

I want to know about about B4 binary broker (b4binary.com) as i have been given an option by virtnext to join it.

I am from India, so please help me on this and i will be very thankful for help.

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

You can read the review of B4Binary.

They are not a licensed broker, and you probably found them from some “get rich quick” system.

With a minimum deposit requirement of $5,000, you are better off trading with a licensed broker like Prestige Option.

Alternatively, you can use one of the big licensed brokers here.

Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
If you cannot find them in Google, you can’t expect to find them anywhere else.

Paidamoyo answered 5 years ago
Hope you stayed away from them, am in deep trouble with them now.

Hamed answered 5 years ago
Can you please explain what kind of problems you have with them?
What happen with them? I have deposited with them 10k and they promised profits in 6 month 

Kiet answered 5 years ago
They are not paying you money, I’ve two withdraw pending with them, I emailed them for support and asked them why my pending took so long, a few days later they answered me that my withdraw pending was rejected I asked them why ? They don’t reply me, you can deposit money to them  easily but can’t withdraw, if you don’t lose money with them, you can’t withdraw your money, Stay away from them, they are scam ! 

ray answered 5 years ago
Het zijn eerste klas oplichters, het is niet zoals bij een bank, als je de cassier gebruikt om je geld terug te halen gaat dat niet automatich. het is een klerk die dat moet doen.
Je krijg nooit je geld terug, Nigeria scammers

Cameron Clark answered 4 years ago
They have $35k U.S. of my money. They refuse to approve a withdrawal. They keep reinvesting my money after I have asked them to stop. They decided to invest my balance into 3 long-term (6 month) trades. All 3 trades appear to have a strong potential of winning which would put my balance at approx $200K U.S.. But, I don’t expect to see a penny of it or my initial investment. TRUTH: When a binary option trade is made, it is only a bet against B4Binary. So, if you win, B4Binary loses. Therefore, you will not see any money that you deposited ever again.