I want to know about DerayOptions binary option broker….

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Lesli asked 5 years ago
I am Lesli Ranasinghe from Sri Lanka who received $ 100 bonus from the broker named  derayoptions.    ( https://www.derayoptions.com)  .

I did trade with that money and won around $11,000 .  As per the terms and conditions of the company , It says that the  trader could withdraw an amount of $ 350  from the winning bonus amount.  In order to withdraw the said amount of money , I’ll have to deposit $100.

As I am in the process of depositing money , I would be much obliged if you could provide me details to identify this company as a bogus one or a genuine trading company.

Thank you very much..

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Leslie,
Deray Options in not a licensed broker. They are based in the Marshall Islands.
Something sounds strange, if they gave you money to trade, and you won $11,000, then why do you have to make a deposit, and why do you only get $350.
They should be able to just send you the money via Skrill or Paypal.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Call your credit card company and file a complaint and request a chargeback.
No real company that is licensed and regulated would ask you to deposit money, to take it back out.

Do answered 5 years ago
 I just register an account, trade, and win 400$. But they request me deposit 250$ before withdraw all of funds.
So, i think – there is some problem, i dont know.
Does anyone help me?

Anonymous Trader answered 5 years ago
When somebody claim about any promotion, he should know the term and condition for it.

I ready the term and condition for the No Deposit bonus for deray Options and i noticed that nobody said that he respected it before he requested to Withdraw.

Nobody and even company can give $100 bonus as Gift without putting terms and condition. It is not a Christmas Gift.

So check the term and condition and inform me that i am wrong.

DS answered 5 years ago
Hi lesti how about deposit to deray option you make its? i have win 800$ just 1 hour but for withraw the ask 250$. I’m not yet transfer. I want to know from you. You have deposit and can withraw ?

dyn answered 5 years ago
can someone update if they were able to withdraw.thanks