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Monica asked 5 years ago

I Want To Know About Wynn Finance, the Binary Options Broker.

Do you know if Wynn Finance is an honest broker or are they a scam?

Have you had a good experience trading with them, and do they process withdrawal quickly.

I have been burned before by a binary options scam, and I want to be sure that this broker is actually legit.

Thank you,


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Wynn Finance Support answered 5 years ago
While I am sorry to hear the complaints listed regarding our brand, what I can say is that our staff is dedicated to providing as positive an experience as necessary. No, we are not currently regulated at the time of this writing, but that hardly means we have any interest in skirting around local or international law.
A large part of our restrictions over USA clients involves abiding US law; US clients themselves are banned from participating in trading currencies and commodities with any institution residing on foreign soil. It has nothing to do with regulation; it has to do with US law. Similarly, we have included other states who are banned from participating in binary options while residing in their jurisdiction. A scam would be more than happy to disregard any such jurisdictions to maximize their possible pool; we do not fit that bill.
There will always be binary options naysayers and even those who have had a negative experience with us or another company. What I will say is that a large part of these complains come from either a puerile ‘it’s new to me so it must be bad’ or a negative but narrow view of one’s experience. There is a validity to having had a bad experience, but also a major bias; clients are sooner to blame the platform than their own possibly reckless trading. If someone decides to use our services despite disagreeing to our terms and conditions, we get the blame.
The simple fact is that the overwhelming majority of our clients are happy with the services we provide, despite our current lack of local regulation. We understand that not all for our clients have the know-how to succeed by themselves; we have four distinct departments on staff to assist clients in every possible issue they could have, from logging in to learning how to trade. We have agents on staff to educate clients on market movements and regarding market conditions and the impact they may have on the markets. We have shifted hours, meaning we have a nearly constant presence addressing concerns sent to our support department.  Lastly, and more importantly, we have a staff actively driven to help our traders succeed.

Ezra answered 5 years ago
Hi. they’re all scam. in the better companies though, if you are a good trader, you will earn other people’s money – since you’re not trading in the market, you are in fact gambling and their software are rigged. In any case they give you long term trades and bonuses so that you wont be able to withdraw your funds easily, there are documents you have to sign and provide them with (after you deposit of course). Besides that, next time you talk to a “broker” ask for his/hers real name – with the less experienced liars it will take them a few seconds to recover from that question. 

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