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gtbmmhrc asked 4 years ago
Recently I got registered with the “OPTSURE” binary trading broker (www.optsure.com).

I invested 1000 dollars initially through my partner who did the trading on my behalf. The broker was introduced / selected / suggested by the partner and he had promised me a weekly return of 7000 dollars. After a week suddenly the total earnings was 82000 dollars.

The game began now. There was a mail from the broker that I have exceeded the earnings limit for my account which is “basic” hence if I need to do further trading / withdrawal I need to upgrade. The fee they demanded for upgrading was 8500 dollars. They also promised that immediately after the upgrading of the account, my withdrawal will be processed and will be transferred to my bank account directly through wire transfer. So I did the deposit for upgrading my account thinking that I will get back the 82000. After they received they acknowledged and told that my withdrawal is being processed. After a week another mail from broker stating my transfer process is being done and the amount will be credited in 48 hours but again I need to pay 12500 pounds as commission charges / taxes. I kept on asking the broker that these were not mentioned in the terms nor they gave me any user agreement stating these conditions.

I also asked my trade partner he casually told that yes we need to pay and it’s a routine procedure. I also paid the commission charges thinking that soon i will have the 82000. Once the broker received the amount he just acknowledged and told that my amount has been credited to a local bank in London named – Private equity bank”. The surprising fact is that the account was in my name and the account number was the one I gave them for transfer. I don’t know how they can open an account in UK without my knowledge and signature. They provided me username and password and asked me to do the transfer. I logged in to transfer, when I entered the details for transfer and submitted first it asked me to enter COT code for which I contacted the bank to provide and they provided me with an alpha numeric code. Later after entering this the system again asked me to enter the “TAX Code” and for that I had to again contact the bank and now I received the reply that for further processing of the TAX code I need to pay the tax amount of 15000 dollars as I was a non-citizen of UK so this much funds needs to be transferred.

I had a doubt and asked the broker and he just backed off. After repeated emails now he is saying if i wish the broker will transfer the money back to brokers account and I need to pay the broker with 11000 dollars and it is for service charges then only I will get my earnings. I stopped everything and repeatedly emailed them stating that they keep on asking me and when asked they don’t even respond to all these simply the broker keeps telling you need to pay is not they cannot process.

Now finally I emailed the broker that I don’t want the transfer to be processed and I requested them to refund the commission charges which I paid them for processing (12500 pounds) and they are saying that funds paid cannot be refunded. I kept saying to them that it was commission charges towards the withdrawal and I now I don’t want the withdrawal so naturally it has to be returned. It was hard earned / collected money from my relatives and friends. For me 12500 itself is a huge amount.

Plz help me recover the amount and what can be done and whom to approach.

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Who is OptSure and where are they licensed and regulated? Where did you send the money too?
Call you bank and ask them to do a chargeback for you.
Binary Options need to be traded at a licensed broker. This company OptSure shows no license or address on their website.

Simone dong answered 4 years ago
the person in the usa you send money to was it  than xuan nguyen?

Simone dong answered 4 years ago
im also a victim of these bastards.. spread the word about it and so that theres no more victims

Simone dong answered 4 years ago
i dont think that would be much of help, but you can try, if you really want to get it back so badly i suggest to hire a personal detective to discover these bastards and hand them to the police, sounds stupid but its the best idea and hiring a personal detective costs a lot but if you really sent 12500 then i think its worth

Mekus answered 3 years ago
I fell victim to these dare devil vultures masquerading as brokers. I invested 5000usd  though another scam broker called VIP brokers the moment i notuced they were scammers I applied for withdrawal. Till today nothing has happened instead they are asking for more deposit to facilitate withdrawal. For the benefit of those who have not been scammed, the moment a broker demands any deposit or charges of any sort be it tax or whatever name they may give it. Then know you are dealing with scammers. Don’t pay any cent to make withdrawal. After all if they are genuine why don’t they  deduct the charges from the sum they are holding.Take heart my friend. I contacted a chargeback firm they told me the amount I lost was small they can’t take it up .so u can try any one of them.