I’m new to binary option trading

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Paul shryack asked 3 years ago
hi to who this can help me out
im new to binary trading options. My trader trades options gold and a few others for me. So far so good. I’m trying to get my withdrawl from the week and now he says I need a TRADER ID which I have number now but have to pay 1000$ usd to get my withdrawal into my bank account
the email which I can forward is apperantly from the icfct

2 things..
do I need a trader ID
amd is ictfc real
I need help and very confused or is this legit or scam

1 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Paul,
This sounds like a scam. Which broker are you using?
We never heard of the ICTFC. There is no licensed broker who can trade binary options for you. You must trade on your own account with a regulated broker.