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Eugene Valentine asked 4 years ago
Hello all.

Some months back, i and some friends started investing in binary options with the broker: Innovate Markets. Everything was going okay till I wanted to withdraw some funds. All of a sudden the so called executive broker ” Tomas Kristoff ” said there were some problems and by the end of the month everything will be resolved. So I decided to wait a bit. After the peroid passed I continued messaging him to which he replied that someone who I had no knowledge of owes the company a couple thousand dollars and as such no-one can be paid there fund and the “manager” a ” Max Schmidt ” wouldn’t let anyone withdraw.

The processing company is Grey mountain Management. I have been regularly messaging the support and just recently came to the conclusion that this was useless. As immediately I messaged the support to direct me to a senior the “Max Schmidt” always called and said if I want to withdraw I should pay money that I didn’t even borrow or ask from them. Money supposedly owed by someone else he even proposed to transfer everything from the person’s account to mine. And after i pay it the profits would all be sent to me.

Their location is supposedly
10 Brock St 9th floor
Kings Cross, London, UK.

I know now in my gut that including this address could be false. If anyone has the real identities or addresses or even personal info about any of these people or the real location of their office.

Please share with me. I’ll be really grateful. As it stands…tens of thousands of dollars are contained in these accounts. I have all details of bank wiring in case anyone can help here with anything.

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Tere Ghigli answered 4 years ago
Eugene go you have n email address or a phone number for Gre Mountain Management?

Fred Wong answered 4 years ago
I got 20K in innovatesmarket but Cannot withdraw money this company is a scam company cursed those bastard for three generations

Fred Wong answered 4 years ago
My broker is Matthew Miller