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Haitham A.Alkharboush asked 5 years ago
Good day,

I have opened accounts in two brokers: Banco De Binary and Banco Capital.

Banco Capital have offered me a strange promotion, which is they will fully managing my account and will provide me with a monthly non-fixed return with one condition, which is depositing not less than $5,000.

As I am new to Options market, and determine to learn more and more, but with such strange offer I have started to be suspicious. However, I have not yet tried to withdraw any cash, thus I feel it a risky thing, due to a trust issue in whether this broker (Banco Capital) is really not scam.

Please advise, whether this broker (Banco Capital) is it a reliable broker or not.

For your further information, Banco Capital Licenses as following:
Banco Capital is regulated by MTR Estonia  – European Regulation (VVT000352).
Banco Capital is a certified broker and regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center – FMRRC, Russian Federation

Thanks in advance,
Haitham A.
Saudi Arabia

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Haitham,
We have a long article here all about managed accounts from brokers.
We usually do not recommend getting a managed account as we have heard from too many people that they lost money with them.
We could not get through to anyone in the administration department at Banco Capital so we do not recommend you trade with them.
If you want to see the most popular brokers, then choose from this list.
Best regards.

Haitham answered 5 years ago
Many thanks for the valuable response.
Be well, !

Joseph answered 5 years ago
I am facing problem in baco capital..I am not able to withdraw money and no phone or email response from banco capital. How can I get my money ?