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Ben Hofer asked 5 years ago

I can’t find Central Options in your list of brokers?

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
They are just another unlicensed broker using the SpotOption trading platform.
You can read about BullBinary or Banc de Binary who are both licensed brokers that use the same software.
The BCSC recently wrote a warning about Central Option, see here.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Who is Central Options?
We couldn’t find them online.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
You can see on their statement of incorporation that they are owned by a company registered in the Marshal Islands.
If you are an EU resident, you want to trade with a broker that holds an EU license (usually from CySEC).
Belgium residents can read the FSMA warning:

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Remy,
Just be happy you go your initial deposit back, and start trading at a real broker, see here.
Central Option is probably an unlicensed scam broker, like hundreds of others.

Remy SPROELANTS answered 5 years ago

Central Option (no s, singular!) www. is probably a scam.
Does anybody here have experiences (good or bad ) with them?

Remy SPROELANTS answered 5 years ago
Thank you very much for your highly appreciated advice.
Where in the statement of incorporation can I find that they are owned by a company registered in the Marshal Islands?
In the meantime I contacted the Belgian Federal ‘Financial Services & Markets Authority’ and formulated a complaint 
( Refer to ).
If you want to be posted about the result, please give me a sign.

Remy SPROELANTS answered 5 years ago
Dear Scam Option,

Do you have any updated information about this
I had some unpleasant experiences with this ‘company’, could retrieve back my initial investment though, but until today they refuse to pay me the profits I made thru their trading platform.
In case you need more details, please contact me privately.



Remy SPROELANTS answered 5 years ago
Thanks Staff Scam Option, this confirms what all you already stipulated and what I presumed from the very beginning. will be investigated and sued by the GB authorities, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) AND this in cooperation with the Belgian Authority They are indeed brookers without a licence in Belgium ( info from and are operating thus illegally, certainly in my own country B! will introduce legal actions against Central Option in coordination with the GB-FCA
File # COC 20160628 4245/CE.
I hope to see them in court!!!
Since I am the plaintiff, the trial introduction will be presented in Dutch, one of the 3 official languages of my country.
Central Options still owes me EUR 2234.91, being the profits of 2 months of trading on their platform.


Garry a answered 4 years ago
Dear Scam Option

Hello Just recently Central Option refused to refund money from my account with £33,430 in winnings, numerous calls where the Support team say someone will call back but wait as long as growing a huge beard and they do not call. Most time you can not contact them because the must switch off the phone system. My initial investment was £39,000. How can these people Central Provider Central Option still operate when they have scammed so many before?