and realy scam with evidence

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Ali zaarour asked 3 years ago
Ism a daily trader and i can assure you
thst the and are same company with diffrent name.You get bonous and this bonous is in real life only false and doesnt help in anything but let you fall and loose your money.
i had 6000 and 2000 as bonous
i had some trades open and once the market was against my trade my equity start to go down from 8000 (2000 is bonous).Once the equity was near the 2000 which is actualy now the bonous thst they offred me they suddenly closed my trades automaticly and my balance was 100$ only left and equity 2000..i lost my money without using my bonous…I complained to them and the acount manager agreed that that i have the right and to consider my trades still running…then no sign anymore..even the support ignored me totaly and still no life sign from their is dead