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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Hi fellow traders, I got an email from Opus Formula about their trading system for binary options and they created an account for me with Glenridge Capital. Has anyone else ever used Glenridge Capital and successfully withdrawn their profits? I have read about brokers that take forever to process withdrawals, and other brokers that do not allow you to ever withdraw your money. Also, does the Quantum Code robot work like it says it does? Thank you, Maria
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Moderator Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Maria,
First of all, no one is investing with binary options. Binary options are for trading by yourself against the broker, and no real broker will invest your money with you in mind. Read more about managed accounts.
As for choosing a broker to trade with, we always recommend using a licensed broker. Either licensed by the CFTC, ASIC, or CySEC. There are very few complaints about legally registered binary option brokers. See the list of licensed binary option brokers.
We have not been able to see how FastCash works because they require you to deposit money first with the broker, and they have way too many Video pages.
The most popular auto trading robot is the BinaryOptionRobot, which you can read more about here. You choose from a list of reputable brokers, and you choose what the software trades for you.
Best of luck!
Moderator Staff answered 7 years ago
Read the comments on the Glenridge Capital Review by other traders about their experience.  
Thomas Lundgren answered 7 years ago
Glenridge capital is a scambroker who do not pay back the money that is deposit 
Mike answered 7 years ago

I have been waiting to get a withdrawal from GlenridgeCapital for 8 days.
No luck, I called and it's all lousy reasons given, it's a scam.

Former Account Manager answered 6 years ago
IT'S A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I worked for Glenridge Capital, I left because I could't take it anymore to see behind the scene how they scam the customers. 
mark royer answered 6 years ago
I have also been scammed by Glenridge Capital and they have also ignored the documents I've sent confirming my account and ignored my request for a full refund. Please DO NOT invest with this "company" as you will only have your funds disappear into a black hole, never to return.
Anonymous answered 6 years ago
Glenridge Capital is a total scam, don't invest with them especially if they offer you matching money. They won't tell you and if you don't notice in their contract you have to trade 30x the amount you invested plus what they gave you. It is like gambling with your winnings and losing everything. So if you actually win any of your trades you have to keep trading until you will eventually lose everything you invested. Don't listen to their sales people. One  will keep trying to get you to take money out on credit cards saying he will help you win big with his trades and their financial advisors have no idea what they are doing so don't listen to anything they say to you. If you already deposited money get it back as quickly as you can and run  
Pete Duong answered 6 years ago
Don't ever be foolish enough to listen to this "worse than Nigerian princes" company because you'll NOT, I repeat you will NOT be able to see your money returned.  If you need a witness and/or victim of these scammers I shall be glad to render my testimony.  Signed Pete D.  one of their victims. PS Knowing there is no "raison d'etre" for a company of which existence is on other people's bets I've luckily recouped my initial $500USD investment and lost only $37 dollars for withdrawal fees.
Pete Duong answered 6 years ago
Hi Maria,  I definitely knew that you can NEVER recoup your money once it is in Glenridge Capital, a fraudulent company which milked innocent investors for their hard earned money.  These are reasons why I confirm my honest opinion on them:
  1. No actual "brick and mortar" addess other than "known location" in U.K
  2. You can never use any correspondence other than e-mail to them
  3. No SEC authorization to do any business in the USA
  4. Whatsoever promises made by Glenridge Capital are NOT made in writing so they can escape any litigation if and when investors drag them to court.
  5. How can a company make money on their clients' bets ?
Glenridge Capital answered 6 years ago
Thank you all for your constructive feedback. It is quite helpful to hear from past and present clients so we can improve upon our services.  I would first like to address the original question regarding third-party robot software. While you are welcome to make use of such systems, Glenridge neither endorses nor negates them. There are many ways to trade, and robot autotrading is just another avenue. Some traders enjoy relying on a third-party to make trades for them, while others prefer to make trades on their own. It is simply up to the taste of the trader. In regards to withdrawing profits, Glenridge absolutely processes every single request that is submitted properly and meets the necessary requirements. Specifically, in order to withdraw, clients must first send in the required verification documents. The documents are listed on our site, and we ask clients to send them in immediately after opening an account so they will experience no delays when it comes time to withdraw. The other requirement involves bonuses. If a clients takes a bonus, he must first meet the required trading turnover to be qualified for withdrawal. The turnover amount is stated clearly on the bonus form that every client must sign before they can receive the bonus.  Glenridge Capital is a fully transparent company. We encourage clients to read the terms and conditions before investing any funds or signing up for any bonuses in order to avoid the type of confusion and frustration expressed in the above comments. If clients have concerns or questions, we are here 24/7 to assist. You can contact us by phone at 1-888-967-8185, via email at [email protected], or on live-person chat, which can be accessed directly from our site at  
Joel answered 6 years ago

I do not agree with the response posted by glenridge capital.
Whether its third party or directly with the broker. They are all the same scammer. They lure you into parting away with your funds and if you decide to withdraw the next second, they started telling you stories that they never mention at the initial stage.
Be warned. They are all fraudsters.

RJO answered 6 years ago
I have recorded live video of how their system works. it ends trades 10 seconds early or 10 seconds late. i can show how their stated market rate is always.10 off up or down depending on how it will work out for them. to you Glenridge you guys are scammers and unfortunately i got involved with you. David Owen you need to refund all my deposit money asap or i will make available all the video and screen shots to prove all the statements made above. you know who this is with your 50k bonus money you want to take back because i did not want to give you more money that i didnt even have to give to you. im in 35k deep with you i expect a refund ASAP or i will make the documents and videos go viral about your company.
Mark J answered 6 years ago

Hi, my name is Mark J. and I have been trying to get glenridge capital since Oct 2015 to refund my credit card.
Just like a lot of you, I deposited $250. I did one trade and lost $25. I then ask for a refund. I sent the documents in and like many of you said, the documents needed to be resent. Then in January 2016 they locked me out of my account and asked for the same documents to verify my account.
On March 17, I sent the documents in for the third time. Like clock work within a few hours I had another generic email asking for the same documents for the 4th time. I sent a email back and asked them which documents needed to be resent and got no answer.
I then sent a email to FastCash and asked to speak to Madison who never called but fast cash said to call my broker. I would like for all of us to share our emails, videos and anything else to get our money.
I should have $225 in my account but they have already started eating off my cash with a charge called a account fee. Now my balance is $210.  When I called them they told me that It was because the software was running.
We will and can help each other. Thanks for reading

Anonymous answered 6 years ago
David Owen answered 6 years ago
Hey RJO ... this answer is for you directly from me , David Owen . you invested in Glenridge Capital $31,850 and you got bonuses of $208,500 !!!    you were trading by your self , 5247 trades in less than a month , everyday all day . I have email with you when I'm telling you that you are trading way to risky . you lost and lost , yes when you wanted to get back so I helped you with bonuses as you requested . every time you asked about the turn over and you got answers about that . every and each client at Glenridge Capital have to sign bonus terms and condition before getting any bonus . when you almost lost all your account , I gave you $50,000 bonus with no deposit and recommend you to take crude oil , you won because of that trade and made $37,500 with my money !!! shame on you to trash here and say we scam you , I try to help you as much as I can . you were trading like crazy for almost 24 hours a day . I told you never to trade more than 5% of your capital but you didn't listen , so its easy to ask refund when you loss , if you were winning you were writing that also ?  I have all emails with that client , if anyone think that I'm a scammer I will be glad to show emails with me and the client that lost his money and trying to blame everyone but himself . to all others that say it impossible to take money out , its very simple , when you make a deposit , you have to send documents in order to trade and/or make withdraw . why ? because its standard with all trading companies . you can check with all the companies . compliance is mandatory .  
Anibal answered 6 years ago
Please don't give your money to this fake company, they make you work to get your money back. By mistake I just deposited  $400 dollars and they don't want to give me back my money.
Hector Rosas Jr answered 6 years ago
Glenridge Capital is a scam!!! Stay away. They only make your first withdrawal so you can deposit more! Do not trust Glenridge
Anonymous answered 6 years ago
I too was shaming scammed by this company. I did do the research before investing and unfortunately there are false good reviews on this company out there. I lost half of my deposit and trying to get the remaining amount sent to me. I was first told that they processed request on Thurs so I had to wait a week and when I hadn't received my money back I again this morning chatted with Michael one of their reps and was told exactly this from the printed chat "the Finance Team has some backlog, they are processing request in chronological order." When I pressed and asked when I was told they couldn't give me a date and they would forward my request to the Finance Dept and it would be a few days before I heard anything. I'm not waiting, I'm contacting my attorney today.  
April answered 6 years ago
I just got an email from Thomas Belmond, [email protected] saying:
make your first deposit and you will receive the auto trading software which will do the trading instead of you in case you don't have experience.
But then I read their terms and conditions page and it says:
18.2 If you integrate an automated or semi-automated device on the Glenridge Capital browser or platform in lieu of your personal interaction or utilize a backdoor API; we will consider your activity system abuse and we will nullify your position or cancel your account with Glenridge Capital.
So I guess this is how the scam works. I'll just stick with my licensed broker. 
Scamsniffer answered 6 years ago
Scam, scam, scam. Somebody is making money off this but, rest assured, it will not be you with your (minimum) $250 deposit. That Nesdek is also advertising on job search websites is telling...... If you are looking for a job DO NOT sign up to be one of their pimps!
Pete Smith answered 6 years ago
When pouring your hard-earned money into Glenridge Capital YOU'VE ACTUALLY THROWING IT OUT OF THE WINDOW for no reason. I'll be glad to go anywhere in the world, appear to any tribunal anytime to testify against Gledridge for these fraudsters need to be executed without mercy !
Russell Chadwick answered 6 years ago
I was a button push away from joining the "Glenridge Capital" the came across this page saying it's all a scam. Glenridge Capital called me during my reading all these negative words. I gave him a good nasty piece of my mind...sorry SOB's. I had a bad feeling when I got an email from them immediately after signing up. I saw contact us in "Taiwan" and "United Kingdom"..... I'm sure if I had to contact them I would have been talking to a "Prince" of some sort.
Enoch Leung answered 6 years ago
I am beginning to feel deceived by this trading company Glenridge Capital that we are making profits. Honestly,  I lost trades more often than win. It's like gambling till you eventually lost everything.  I agree with you all. I should quit working for this company.  I already sent my personal request to reclaim my money through email. However,  once I clicked the submit button to withdraw,  I saw it needs an account verification.  Can anyone explain this? I just want my money back. If not, what should I possibly do to force them to pay back the amount I have claimed? Please reply at my email: [email protected] I am 24 and am a student in college.  I want definite answers concerning about this scambroker.  
katrina answered 6 years ago
I have had mixed results, right now it is very difficult and time consuming to get your profits withdrawn, I have been able to get some of mine out and had a good broker there but lately I have not been able to speak with him directly and my emails go unanswered and trading with another broker there lost me a great deal. Communication is way to frustrating and now they have put a spread of 10-11 points on everything so it is impossible to win any trade under 2 minutes and very difficult to win even that one. THey have also disabled the extend button on accounts so you cannot try to extend a losing trade anymore.    RIght now I would absolutely not reccomend this company, the bonuses are very difficult to reach, I have also noticed that they changed some of my trades which ensured they lost. I think they are scamming people and yes it has taken me over a month to withdraw money and the same old lame excuse that they have a backlog
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