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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing because I have fallen victim to a crime. The company’s name is ALLGOTRADE. They are a brokerage services company operating in the United Kingdom.
They claim they are registered by British Companies house as Allgotrade LTD, registration No. 9041988. This will be the first place you will find an erroneous claim. That number brings up another company name as Leveltrade, which is listed as liquidated. They also on their website use an address in the Marshall Islands.

One has to wonder why a company actively seeking business in the UK, and around the world, would be registered in the Marshall Islands. I, myself, should have seen the red flag there right away! For the record, the office address I have been able to obtain in the UK is as follows:


Their phone number listed in their website is 44-203-6934478, but let me warn you now, THEY NEVER ANSWER, RINGS, AND RINGS, AND RINGS!
And now, onto their crime. Let me begin by adding that what you are about to read is commonplace for their business antics, and if you search internet sites for Allgotrade, scam, you will find similar claims from many other victims as well!

They originally contacted me in February, 2016. They told me that if I sent them $500.00 they would match that amount for Binary options trading. After a few unsuccessful trades the broker (name is Ryan Parker) suggested trading in the Forex Currency Market as that is much more profitable. I come to find out now more profitable for Allgotrade. Ryan Parker said that in order to make meaningful trades he would need at least $15,000 to work with, and offered a no interest loan for $12,000. with fixed monthly payments. I agreed ( foolish of me, but nonetheless, I didn’t at this point know what I was in for). So, with my $2500.00, plus their $500, I now had  $3000, together with the loan of $12,000. there was $15,000 to trade with in the Forex Currency market. As time went by, I was constantly pressured to payoff the loan way ahead of schedule. The account was amazingly growing. I have a record of all the trades, but still am not sure if they were ever real, or a made up scenario of some kind. The account was showing a balance of $160,000 in September. I asked for a withdrawal. The broker said in order to withdrawal, I would need to payoff the loan, so I did, and now the $15,000 was complete. I would like to add that at this point I had been wiring funds to very obscure banks which I do have records of. This was another RED FLAG I missed. In fact, I would not be surprised, in the least, if Allgotrade is using such banks to launder money, and evade taxes. The broker said he would have to continue trading to reach a certain “payback point” before releasing any funds.

At my request for a withdrawal, the next thing that happened was the the broker told me he was out of town, and would not have access to the trading platform, but would have his “senior” analyst handle the account. Well, under the guise of the senior analyst, the account was rapidly traded, and in a few trades over a couple of hours, $120,000 was lost! This was exceptionally strange, and I believe was purposely done, in that no stop losses were put on the trades as every trade prior had stop losses in place. Finally, when the broker “returned” ( I really don’t think he ever left) he told me he fired his senior analyst. What comes next is another move, or should I say attempt to extort money.

This Ryan Parker told me his company “felt bad about what happened” and was willing to put $15000 back into the account as a recovery, which sounds very nice, however I had to put another $5000 in to get it! I told Ryan I could not do that. Within minutes of my refusing to put in the additional money, he called ( we used skype) me back to tell me he was fired ( I don’t think he ever left), and another broker would be handling the account, and said GOOD BYE! I never heard from anyone at that company. I then started contacting them to try to get what was left in the account, which, if you do the math, should be about $40,000. Here is where the crime really went into high gear! I had many conversations ( emails), which I have copies of, with customer support, and the CEO.

At one point, they even slipped up and told me Ryan was still there! The person I was emailing back and forth was BRYAN JEFFERSON, SUPPORT MANAGER.  I was able to get the name of the CEO from Bryan. His name is WILLIAM BILLOWS. After several emails ( again, which I have copies of) of claiming to help me, to insulting me, to flat out finally saying he was not going to help me. He even went on to say that it may look like we owe you money, but it is my imagination, and an illusion!!! It became obvious to me that this was going to be the final outcome. So now, besides trying to get what is rightfully mine, I think some action should be taken against this so called Brokerage Firm, Allgottrade, or All Go Trade Technologies which is another name they go by. They should be stopped, and cease doing business fraudulently. As long as this company is allowed to do business, there will be many more victims subjected to their criminal ways, I can assure you that. They must be stopped! Some more names I was able to obtain are as follows, ROY MALONE. NICOLE CHASE, TOM GREEN, MICHAEL BELL, LEO JAMESON, EMILY CLARKE. If you place a period between their first and last name and add , you will have their email address. example: [email protected].

All these people have been listed in other complaints from other victims, on websites known as TRUST PILOT, and another website Scam option Brokers, whose link is Scam Option Brokers – Difficulty Withdrawing Using AllGoTrade . Here you will find similar instances, and the names of the people (criminals) , that I have mentioned above, will be found in several of the complaining crimes. I can only hope there should be some justice served to not necessarily get me my money back, but prevent this fraudulent company from continuing doing business in a way that will hurt many others in the future.

On a final note, to the best of my knowledge, neither the company, nor any of its’ employees, possess the necessary regulatory licensing, or registration, to conduct the business of Binary Trading, and trading in the Forex Currency Market.

May God bless us all!