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Tony Do asked 2 years ago
Originally, I was contacted by a trader name Lee Andre who claimed to be expert in swing and forex trading and recommend me to open for this website account .

He promised I will receive minimum of $45,000 if I invest $5,000 today. Firstly I have to buy a bitcoin in and fund to .

Over a  few days, the system generate a lot of money that exceed $45,000. When I contacted him to withdraw the money, they said I had to invest additional of $5,000 because my account was exceed $45,000.

I’m afraid this could be a scam. Anyone has been in the same situation or please help me? I feel very scared and uncertainty.

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Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago
Athena Options is not a licensed broker.
Other investors at BingProFX also mentioned dealing with a trader names Lee Andre, either the same person, or a common fake name.
Unless you can verify your brokers license from the FCA, stay away. 

Nancy answered 2 years ago
I was just approached by Lee Andre to invest. What is the update? Did you get your money Tony Do?

Anthony answered 4 months ago
NO. Stay away from this guy. He is the scam

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