Is Benjamin Ranford a Real or Fake Binary Options Trader?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs Benjamin Ranford a Real or Fake Binary Options Trader?
Ella asked 5 years ago
I stumbled accross an article which lead my to this thing called Trade Follow by Benjamin Ranford.

It sounds too good to be true, have you ever heard of Benjamin Ranford and the broker he is using is called TORoption. I did some research online and couldn’t find anything that seemed like honest and accurate information about them.

Let me know you thoughts, and how I can go about getting started trading binary options.

Thank you,


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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Ella,
You can read this review of TorOption.
The guy “Benjamin Ranford” looks like one of those made up pitchmen. All he is going on and on about is a simple “follow” feature which every broker using SpotOption or Panda trading platforms offer.
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Best of luck in your trading.