Is BFXTS now SNP-Trading a SCAM

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Pearl Sylvester asked 5 years ago
About a year ago (February 18/2015 to be exact) I signed up and deposited US$300.00 with BFXTS and had what I assumed to be a legit agent who cares. Then February 23/2015 he called for me to deposit US$500.00 and the call for deposits continued. There was such a trust that if any other Binary company called I was happy to tell them I already have a broker and his name is David V at BFXTS and I will also tell him about the calls. I should have caught the signal when he constantly called me to deposit money since those two deposits. He even suggested that if I had the funds to deposit US$4000.00 he could manage my account and I would not have to worry with the hassle of trading on my own. Of course I did and don’t have that kind of money.
But I decided to trust him to the extent I told him about my health issues and that of my husband. He knew that I had to retire because of the ill health of my husband and I, and that I have no company pension only what I get from the Canadian Government. We are both in our 70’s.

When I saw I lost US$1000.00 but still had sum funds in the account I decided to ask for a withdrawal. I have NEVER received any reply to my request and when I tried to get into the account I kept getting locked out.

Finally, on February 29/2016 I received circular email from David with the subject: “Information and terms to better help understand your accounts”. I replied to that same email again requesting help to get into my account and withdraw my remaining balance. Still no reply.

On March 28/2016 I received an email from the support team hinting of a take over by SNP-Trading. I made a request to that email as well. Then I received another email on March 31/2016 to say the take over by SNP Trading is finalized and my account has been successfully transferred.

Well on April 4/2016 I received an email from SNP Trading with my access to the Trading.

To my horror, when I looked at my remaining balance it says US$0.25!!!

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Claire L answered 5 years ago
I’m facing a somewhat similar situation. In December 2015, I opened an account with BFXTS following a recommendation by a friend. I deposited $2892 by credit card at the time and sat back for Mr. David V. to manage the account. However, I realized that nothing seemed to be happening, and contacted him by email, but got a nonchalant generic response which meant nothing. Then in March 2016, I also got the message that the account was being switched over to snp-trading. Again, checking my balance revealed that absolutely nothing is going on. In the mean time, I’ve been paying credit card interest for my money basically sitting there. I tried to contact snp-trading several times, but never got a response. Finally, I requested a withdrawal of the money on April 19, 2016. Today is May 23, 2016, and I have no response, but when I check on my portfolio status, it says the withdrawal is “Pending”.
I will probably just contact the credit card company and see if they can initiate a refund of the money from BFXTS/SNP-Trading as the people never response to any emails.

Anonymous answered 5 years ago
Yea bfxts/snptrading is a scam i dipasit 250 in desamder i didint get my money back

mohamed answered 4 years ago
Dear team 
Anyone has any information about this Company BFXTS or SNP Trading ?