Is Binadroid a Scam?

Investment ForumCategory: General QuestionsIs Binadroid a Scam?
Ian asked 5 years ago
Has anybody tried it and got real results?

Did you use Banc De Binary? I Googled it and it seems to have a lot of problems, such as being banned from trading in the US.

2 Answers
Art Brachowski answered 5 years ago
I lost money with Binadroid trading the auto trader with $10 trades over 4 days.

My account went from $400 to $200.

The system was, only accurate about 40%.

I don’t know how other people get such good results.

John answered 5 years ago
Yes, my experience with Binadroid was also a big disappointment.  Made about 16 trades in a two week period.  Lost about 55% of all trades.  I stopped using it because I did not want to wipe out my account.   The last insult was about two weeks after I stopped using it, I was prevented by the software to login again.  I was told i had “invalid login” credentials.  So for no reason, and quite suddenly, my Binadroid account was cut off from me.   I guess this is a blessing in disguise, for if I was to continue using them, I would have lost the rest of my money.   Another scam software again.  Let’s face the truth, NONE of these trading robots work. they are all designed to get you to open up an account with a broker, and no other purpose then to get your money.