Is BormanCorp a Legit Broker For Trading?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs BormanCorp a Legit Broker For Trading?
Charles asked 4 years ago
Dear Crypto Investor, When I saw the Dragons Den advertisement for the investment software, I signed up and they gave me a trading account with BormanCorp. How do I login to BormanCorp and Where can I find the BromanCorp auto trading app? Is anyone on this forum investing with them, and are you making good money? Meaning, can you withdraw your profits, or do they give you problems? I started doing a little research about Crypto brokers and Forex brokers, and I am confused because so many people are complaining about not getting their money back. BormanCorp is in the Marshall Islands, are they good brokers? Thank you, Charles (I currently trade a little bit with Pepperstone and they are totally fine, but they dont have automated trading robots.)
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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago
Regarding your choice of an automated trading software, first read more about the best automated trading software. Would you believe that 95% of people lose money with trading robots?    About Forex Brokers and Crypto Currency Trading Companies, we strongly recommend that you only use a local broker. This means, if you are in Australia, use an ASIC regulated broker. If you are in England, use an FCA licensed Forex broker. You can find the popular brokers listed here.
Pauline answered 4 years ago
If you want my 2 cents, I am using the Bitcoin Traders Pro software, which connected me with EuropeFX Australia. They are licensed by ASIC. That software only gives signals for 8 Crypto Currency pairs.
Billy answered 3 years ago
I have the same story as you, get to know and invest in Bromancrop. Because I am not happy and feeling good with this Company, so I ask them to close my account. It take one month to do so. Now I can't get back my investment money. I don't know how and who can help me. The money I invested is the money that I going to help those elderly people.
Kido answered 2 weeks ago
Bormancorp is a scam, they scam me of €250 even asking me to put more money.......when I told them I want to withdraw my remaining balance of €105 there's no type documents they didn't ask me to bring even after providing the documents they ask for till today my money is still there refuses to come out. BORMANCORP is a big scam I'm telling you this for free.
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