Is CFDStocks a scam?

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Nik asked 4 years ago

I need help to withdraw my money from the trade account in CFDStocks. I have sent withdrawal request but they said I need to wait for confirmation from the Compliance Department that my trade account is  verified. I have sent various KYC supporting documents to their Compliance Department but until now they never give me such confirmation on my trade account. I told them I urgently need the money because I want to pay back the bank for the credit card I used to make the deposit of USD1250. They have not responded to my emails of request. I think I have been scammed.
Dear Mr. Jordan,
I really need your confirmation about my trade account status. I need to pay back the bank as soon as possible. I want to withdraw USD1500 from my account by this weekend. However my trade account balance is only USD150 right now. Can you tell me when I can see result of the trading you conducted for me? This is so worrying to think that I am having so much losses in this trade.
Really need your prompt response on this.

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Andrew Lea answered 4 years ago
CFDStocks is a scam. Best of luck getting your money back, but it’s highly unlikely that you will succeed.

Sam Tan answered 4 years ago
Cfdstocks is a SCAM. They are operated by the same group of people from Aaoptiom. A group of investors from Singapore has lost almost 500K through Aaoption through their so called ‘managed account’ which offer good returns. Later they were told by their Singapore partner that their funds had been transferred to cfdstocks. when Aaaoption closed down (after they obtaining this large sum of money from a group of  Singapore investors).
We check that all the records indeed has been transferred to cfdstocks. However, cfdstocks does not responded to our request to withdrawal our money. They are SCAMMER!

Deivison Terres answered 4 years ago
CFDstocks is blow, cain out I lost a lot of money with it. I’ve been promised withdrawals every month and 5 months have gone by and I have not received any money.

Hosung Son answered 4 years ago
CFDstocks is completely scam.
I sent about 10k usd by bitcoin but they never return my money.
The FCA in uk will accept your problem.
Do not send money in any case they are scammer !!

Elizabeth Teodoroa Reachill answered 3 years ago
Hi Sam,
CFD is a SCAM! I Unsuccessful attempts to  recover my money even with the help of
my bank Fraud squad.
It has been 9 months now,my account still open but will do anything  but just let it sit unused,

Kynoch answered 3 years ago
You should get in touch with your credit card provider, they are should help you, as they will have been informed that there have been many of people like yourself who have been scammed.

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