Is Crush Option Scam

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Christopher Knop asked 5 years ago
I open Account with Crush Option in Mar.2016. My contact was Andrew Wilkins Head Senior Analyst. Phone 1-917-639-5429.

Between march and May 2016 i deposit over $13.000.00 . Each time hi did trade hi call me to deposit more money.

in May 2016 my account was $27.000.00. Andrew call me again to deposit more money. I told him i do not have more money to deposit . After this conversation i never heard from him again. Sadden his phone was disconnect. I was login to my account on daily .

In Jun 2016 i try withdrawal $!3,000.00 . I filled out the form on my Crush Option side. They posted on my account message : $13,000.00 withdrawal status waiting. Month past nothing happens.

I write an email. No answer. Three days ago connection to my account disappear.

I cannot make a phone call because their phone is no listed .