Is Crypto ZOO a scam?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs Crypto ZOO a scam?
absolut asked 3 years ago
Answer yes 200 time !!!

Do not invest on it , they propose fake Pamm with great result, but they will never pay you
and do not buy the EA they propose for incredible price it’s a scrap you can find for free in forum and run only on this fake broker.


Their website is

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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Why would anyone trade at a broker that is not licensed and regulated by the FCA, FINRA or ASIC?

Joe Portocarrero answered 3 years ago
the scams are with all the runners
Dear All,
i’ve been trading with Pepperstone for some time. On January 15 i was on the right side on CHF move and made a gain of more than 30k.
During this day, after closing all my positions, i requested a withdrawal. By the end of the day, as usual, i received the email confirmation of all the trading activity of the day. (note this point is important).
The day after (January 16) i received an email saying funds were not enough to make the withdrawal, i checked my account and all the trades on CHF were nullified. (i’ve the statement saved)

After that we had some mail exchange with pepperstone and here is the summary

1. They told me i was using an EA which calculate price difference between price feeds.
2. I had the same activity also weeks before (some losing week) and they TOLD ME NOTHING
3. I replied telling to prove me how i’ve profited illegally from price movements
4. SAME REPLY from them, you were using an EA to profit from price difference.

After that i’ve asked to be contacted by phone, and NO REPLY

Of course i’ve synthetized for your convenience but i can post FULL mai exchange and also statements.

Aoiria answered 3 years ago
I´m investing in CryptoMT4 and they allow withdrawals without problems, so i´m not sure if the first review it´s true, because i´m satisfied with this company.

Steven Sanders answered 3 years ago
I share that my experience. I came to Crytomt4 for an ad I found online on the web wanting to earn extra money in Ethereum. I signed up, and in the minutes Philippe Ballesio called me to welcome me. It is worth mentioning that these people sound very professional, friendly and with “knowledge” of the subject; Effectively with a French accent and based in the UK, London.

I invested € 250, with the promise that if I invested € 1,750 more, I would be paid € 500, which I NEVER saw.

We were operating Philippe Ballesio and I, through the Cryptomt website4 and there were no problems, most of the time the account was generating positive returns, we seldom lost. One day, my account reached + € 1,000 of profits. At that time I told the broker that I wanted to withdraw with my earnings and deposit them to my credit card. Obviously the payment took more than 10 days and the truth is that they NEVER did it, because the account, from one day to the next, lost EVERYTHING!

The months passed, and Philippe Ballesio called me again, arguing that he was now the Head of Account Recovery. Telling me that if I put another € 1,000 they would put € 1,000 more to RECOVER my initial investment.

I did not let myself be deceived, the experience served me as a learning experience and I will not give them one more penny to these scammers of Cryptomt4 and Philippe Ballesio.

James answered 3 years ago
A website that offers fraudulent EAs is being used for scams and other financial crimes. The website in question is and belongs to Philippe Ballesio and Rosalie Lai Ballesio. The companies that they preside do not have the authorization to administer funds, nor to operate in forex, neither for the official sale of gold nor of any asset.

Adam answered 3 years ago
This is a fraud! They asked me to deposit this account number: IBAN: FR76300030001000005765297724 in the name of a man … Ballesio Philippe. Fraud is initiated by this person who receives the money and then stops responding, does not offer support, does not offer help, there is nothing that can verify that it is a serious company. Have they already reported this to the media?

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