Is Edgedale Finance a Scam?

Investment ForumCategory: General QuestionsIs Edgedale Finance a Scam?
Franco asked 5 years ago

Do you have any more details about the company Edgedale Finance?

How is CherryTrade and Edgedale Finance related?

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
At first glance it does not seem that Edgedale Finance has any relation with CherryTrade. Edgedale looks very similar to Glenridge Capital, which you can read about on this forum.

These companies are basically setup for software like Copy Buffett and Disrupt Trading.

The problem is when you read Edgedale Finance’s terms and conditions page, you will see that they do not allow API trading. They consider it system abuse and cancel your account with any profits you may have made with the software.

Edgedale is not a licensed broker, so you have no recourse or protection for your money. You are better off choosing one of the brokers on our Best Brokers page.

John Koenig answered 5 years ago

I am have trouble with them now. I traded currency and made a monster. The next day they said I had been hacked ?
They did not want to pay me said the Police are investigating. My balance was 6.2 million.
Next day they put my balance down to what I had invested 2000 plus a few trades this balance was incorrect but anyway I traded today for a 9.2 million end of day balance.
I have recorded or printed out all my trades. Looks like problems to retrieve, any ideas ?A

GrogKeeper answered 5 years ago
6.2 million? Dollars? You want to tell me that you trade binary options & forex with 6.2 million dollars? Are you Bill Gates? What a joke…

Monny answered 5 years ago
Biggest spam ever! I’ve invested 750$. They have top this amount to 1,212$, as they said it would be much easier to trade. After a few days i decided to take my investment back as the broker said it is 2 weeks safe with money back gurantee. However, the broker said that he cannot return my deposit before I verify my account. I have verified the account but then could not reach the broker for over the mounth. On the trader screen, I still could see the same amount without any of the trades made. I was trying to reach the broker via email and phone, it was unsucsessful. Finally, when i reach the other broker of this company they said that my broker is going to contact me when he is free. After few weeks, calling and asking to speak with the broker, the broker made an trade without letting me know and lost all my money. Everyone should be aware of them. Do not give money to these spammers. 

Jenny answered 5 years ago
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Jenny answered 5 years ago
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mimi lora answered 5 years ago
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kmal answered 5 years ago
Don’t trust them. they are fraudster. rip off people’s hard earned money. their address is shown as below
Edgedale Finance
One Paddington Central
Kingdom St, London
W2 6BD, United Kingdom

somebody live near there pls watch them together we stop the crime pls snap their pic & report to NFIB or we viral these scammer over the internet.tqvm.