Is FinRoyalty a Scam or a Good Forex Broker?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs FinRoyalty a Scam or a Good Forex Broker?
Martha asked 2 years ago
Hi Investors,

Can anyone verify for me if this broker FinRoyalty is a good broker that makes money, or just another scam.

I used to have an account with a company called Brokerz, and they were a total scam, and then I received a phone call about investing at FinRoyalty. They claim to have experience managing big money, and they said they can give me solid advice, and high returns on my investments.

I checked the listed of regulated brokers at Cysec and FCA, but could not find the company FinRoyalty listed. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you,


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Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Martha,
This broker lists an address of Corporate Griffith Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Hundreds of companies are using that Post Office box.
They are not a regulated broker, and as you already know from your experience with other Forex brokers, it is wise to invest with an FCA licensed Firm.
You can see an updated listed of the Popular Regulated Brokers.
Best of luck

Moderator Staff answered 2 years ago
Hey Mike, 
Request a withdrawal of your money, and see if they give it to you. 

Mike answered 2 years ago
I have deposited last month with them, and so everything is ok. If I have any issues I’ll come back here to notify you guys.

Rob answered 2 years ago
with who are you talking in Finroyalty? I am in contact with the guy called Chris NIelsen. The regulated FCa licence is not protecting the client. It is a controller for the company itself.

To Mike: have you traded already with your investment?

Did you withdraw money already?

I was with xftrader-xf and they were frozen by authorities, control. Money is now still with xf. Wonder whetrher I see it again.

Any experience?

nick answered 2 years ago
I had money in xtraderxf and same happened.  However they sent a claim back email that I returned and 2 days later they refunded my account although it was only the funds I deposited and also it was less £400 but I was happy to get back the majority.

Mike answered 2 years ago
Hi guys,

sorry for not replying, yeah i withdraw part of the money to see what is going to happen.

Still I have money with Finroyalty, so far I font have any issues, if something bad happens, I will be posting here first.



Sasa M answered 2 years ago

Chris used to trade with for almost 2 years. I was in a terrible situation after my wife left me,  i was litteraly broke.

I started trading, as that was my only way out it seemed. I started with 500 with some guy, who made me some small profits but latter i was transfered to chris. I was blessed to ever speak with such a person. Cheerfull and very proffesional at the same time. Most of all he managed to explain a lot of things about how the market really works so i became a trader myself.

Where is Chris now,  i would like to speak with him?

Treasure answered 2 years ago
I requested withdrawal even today no answer.

Tony answered 2 years ago
Hi all this a total scam – Finroyalty, brokers and School4broker sites.  Took 250 USD from my account and didn’t get proper email acknowledgements with wrong telephone numbers.  Couldn’t get through through on any numbers when I tried calling back.  Went through live chat initially and got a call back straight away from a guy who called himself Mike and he spent nearly an hour with me setting account up as he said better to start trading ASAP.
However when I tried to call back through live chat again no one called me.  Funny heh.
Mile told me someone would get in touch on Monday and when asked why I couldnt start trading now he advised I needed to go through ID checks so sounded scammy then. He assured me it was going to be great and good return in money.
Anyway after the money was taken out and call ended I searched the company and realised I had been scammed.  I have notified my credit card company who will carry out a fraud investigation and also reported to my council.
The guy Mike that has been replying on this trail maybe the Mike I spoke to as only positive post.
Really nasty people.

Rob answered 2 years ago
On Finroyalty: I am dealing with a guy named Stephan Embrosi. Until now ok. Chris Nielsen disappeared after having me set up.
I can’t get in touch with him anymore, he was fired from Finroyalty. He told me many lies that he is the owner of finroyalty and he is multy millionnaire etc..
I got some money withdrawn send by their own initiative.
Til now, ok.

Rob answered 2 years ago
Finroyalty is also a none licences company I found out. This means that they can not trade, therefore they are scam.
They use simulated trading platforms, and let your go to zero, asking more money to so called save the account. In reality you are watching a video.
I have end the case to the police in Denmark.
Owner of xtraderxf has been arrested. Gal Barak.
Take screen shots of the deposits, and put in money withdrawal. Take screenshot form that also.
Scammers again.

Kiko answered 2 years ago
Hey guys! I have been in contact with some guy on fintrade, he spoke fondly of the company and promised me going from 500 € to a 20 000 € very quick (1-4 weeks). When I was going to put the money in I realized I have been reading reviews of an entirely different company (investous, my bad)… I called it off for now and trying to get clarity wtf is this for company..

I’m new to trading and don’t want to lose my starting capital and get a shitty start with scammers.

Can anyone tell me if they lost or gained money with them and what their experience has been like?


Rob answered 2 years ago
Hi guys,
Tell me: who is dealing with finroyalty? I have put in a request for withdrawal and get no reactions. Let’s get together – together we can be stronger and get someone to do the work at shared low cost. 

Jason answered 2 years ago
Hi, I started an account with fin royalty. Initial €250 but long process with authorisation. That’s all sorted now but still haven’t traded yet as my broker (Alice green) has said that my balance is too small to trade at. Not adding anymore money but swing what happens. They did transfer some funds out to a blockchain account that I had to set up but all that means is that you then have to sell your bitcoins to get the money (most probably at a loss). Trying to withdraw the rest. Anyone else got to this stage?

Moki answered 2 years ago
Easy money doesn’t exist!  What all of you have done is against the law and is Money Laundry!  Before you invest and look for easy money you awe to check that the company is registered in UK!!!  That is a number 1 rule!!  Any money invested on the phone/net to any company not registered in UK and isles is waste of time and money and usually is done by less intelligent people who look for easy money… so you deserve to be frozen or taken away!  I was witness where $1 million dollars have been frozen in Yorkshire Building Society by hard working people who made their million in Brazil!!

Moki answered 2 years ago
I was working one of the Brokers in West Indies and all these question and answers are scum answered by people who follows and works for scammers!!  No UK citizen should invest 1p with any kind Offshore Investments Brokers/Companies!!  Trust me people, there is no easy money!!!  My answer was still with moderator so everyone is involved in robbing innocent, easy money chasers!!  Just now I spoke to some of them over the phone and all they say are promises… REMEMBER one thing, once you give money is a good chance never to see one penny again!!  There are scheme of investment but with your UK registered company that you can take to the court/Industrial Tribunal The company I was working for as an accountant were in West Indies… investors money about $20 million… about 20sh of them were paid from different parts uf USA/Caribs to spread the news and invest more… there rest never ever… money disappeared!  I have done the statements to clients with no name or address… just number that has been given to the secretary who use to match names and send over to clients!!  Everything is set up to still, rob the money with no return!  Consequently FBI was involved and my bosses thought I was the mole even though I was doing only spreadsheet calculations and have had a good salary so they got some professinal hitmen to sort me out and bury me on one of the beaches… luckily I am still around but everything was stolen and moved to a different part of the world.  i still don’t know where is Graham (forgo his surname) and Lesley Wingham… probably in jail… I am lucky I am alive here to tell the story and warn you not to invest!!  I wasn’t involved in names of clients or answered phone calls, didn’t even know for a long time what i was calculating of spreadsheet but friend of mine Tony did and when he returned home back to London he had to leave his home, wife, few children cause his life was in danger… still don’t know his whereabouts!!  So all these answers are made by team for you who read to believe and invest!!  Think twice!!!

Jane Dolton answered 2 years ago
Yes the company is a total scam
I invested money on the day my money was invested I received a total of 17 phones calls
it was at that point I decided to withdraw my investment
which is proving impossible.
i wanted to try and increase my savings for my daughter.
i have cancer and barely enough to pay for my funeral.
i requested that I did not receive phone calls only emails as I’m undergoing treatment.
i was hounded and harassed by endless calls.
i have requested my money to be returned but have been ignored
they are asking for my card, bank statements and driving licence details front and back photos.
If anyone can offer help or advice on who I can contact to get my funds returned, I would appreciate it very much.
i was foolish to think I could increase the money I have and regret dealing with this company
Regards Jane

George Gould answered 2 years ago
Yes l invested £220 four months ago, told l would double my money in a very short time , four months on no profit ,all they want ,and insist l invest a lot more , which l will not!. Try to with draw what l invested seems impossible. any answers? GG

Kevin Xhafa answered 1 year ago
Started with $450 four months ago and generated around $2800 till now, then withdrew $1000 last month, the money were in my account within two days. Everything going good. ✌️

Xavi answered 1 year ago
Alguien ha hablado con Josue?Han hecho operaciones con él?

dav answered 1 year ago
total SCAM. they wont let you withdraw.

Some guy answered 1 year ago
They are the same people running and who were running Stoxmarket. Total scam. 

Mark answered 1 year ago
So have I lost my €250 ??

Ann Wright answered 1 year ago
May I speak to Alex Johnson please.
I would like to withdraw and put into my account £200 to pay for my grandson’s driving lessons.please.
Can you speak to me Alex.