Is the Guardian Angel’s Wing app a scam?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs the Guardian Angel’s Wing app a scam?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

Hi, I came across on the internet. They use Opteck as a broker.

It seems like they claim a guaranteed success. They even have testimonials of people using the app for a short period of time and those people have made thousands of dollars after making a deposit of $250.

They say that one can make use of a robot/automated system which can predict positive outcomes and that is what I like because I am very new to Binary Options.
It seems too easy: letting the computer do the work and me sitting at the beach for example.
Is this a scam?

And are there some more recommended brokers with an automated robot system which make positive predictions so I can let the robot do the work?

In the meantime I am going to invest my time to learn more about Binary Options so I can do it manually. For me it is very important to make use of a Broker app/website with an automated robot system first.


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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago

We just went to check out the sales page of GAW, and got this message instead of seeing their sales pitch video.

“This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated”
What real company gets their YouTube account terminated?

You are better off opening accounts at 24Option (Europe Licensed) and deal with a real broker.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Today we receive an email from Tommy Lomax at TheGAW telling us to check a newer and better product called Market Buster.
Have a look at the Market Buster review.

Anonymous answered 6 years ago
Thank you for answering BinaryDealer and Anonymous.

Is the profit you make with the GAW as they’ve promised you? Are you guaranteed with making thousands in weeks? From which context would I subscribe myself to TheGAW? From the context of making thousands in weeks with a guaranteed success like thegaw promises. 
If the profit with GAW is not guaranteed and just like any other Brokers which are (quite) reliable, than it’s a total scam to me. That’s why I ask you: Do you really make the profit as promised? If not, don’t you feel scammed?
If yes; Are you willing to reveal your name and show your GAW stats?

I do believe that not all testimonials from TheGaw are real; however there are some (I think 4) YouTube videos with people making a short testimonial. Is this seen more at Scam Binary Software ads?
If anyone else has an experience with TheGAW; I would love to read them.

michael jackson answered 5 years ago
Yeah, its a scam. I tried closing my account today and they gave me a shit load of excuses to ask me to continue despite my up most insistent to close the account ….meaning they are not interested in giving back your money.

Casper answered 5 years ago
Scam, the GAW completely drained my funds after 2months only of using it and all of there promises are not true. false claims, not helpful on support and misleading advertisement. This should be reported and shut down, either this is one of Optek outsource agent to promote them or a robot type of system which is bias to other users.
Please be cautious and review/research before you take risk of your money.

shax answered 5 years ago
What ever money u put in is the money you will lose and not see it again… Point blank

WonkyTechno answered 5 years ago
yes its completely legit.  you give then £250 and they promise to give you 5 grand a week using a magic software robot.  if you have to ask you’re exactly the mug they are looking for.  Free unicorns to every subscriber.