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Mike Pierce asked 3 weeks ago
Is Mitrachain a registered Forex and Crypto Broker?

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Broker Withdrawal Staff answered 3 weeks ago
Hi Mike,
No, MitraChain is not a licensed broker, and the big red flag with them is that they use AnyDesk and TeamViewer. 
Any broker using these remote control softwares means they want access to your computer so they can place trades on your account. After they cause you to lose your money, they claim it was you who placed the trade. 
They list no address or phone number also, which makes them suspicious. 
How did you find this broker?

Broker Withdrawal Staff answered 2 weeks ago
Speak with your bank / credit card company about a chargeback. 

Mike Pierce answered 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the info, does not sound good for me.
I am in South Africa and came across an article promoting them and their fantastic results, so I went onto their website.
I have sent them an e-mail asking for their proof of registration.
How do you suggest I get my invested funds back from them or withdrawn?

Mike Pierce answered 3 weeks ago
On their website they show a map of the London area and give a telephone number 44203 807 4255

Mike answered 6 days ago
Is there a time limit on bank charge back?

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