Is neo2 Auto Trader a Scam?

Investment ForumCategory: Trading SoftwareIs neo2 Auto Trader a Scam?
Dore asked 5 years ago

Is neo2 Auto Trader a Scam?

Apparently Porter Finance in handling this!  What’s the consensus?

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago

Porter Finance is not actually the owner or responsible for NEO2. It is just that NEO2 gives you an account at Porter Finance.

The problem with using NEO2 at Porter Finance is that they do not allow the use of Automated Trading Software.

If you read the terms and conditions page at Porter you will see.

If you are located in the United States the only place to trade binary options is a

dcharles answered 5 years ago
neo 2 is a scam Traders can lose the money I used the NEO2 total lost this is a number robbers
I failed with NEO 2  When I activated the robot and found for a week  to lose all the money
It only traded only EUR/USD  You will get the support team This a losing game never never