Is Olymp trade a good broker?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs Olymp trade a good broker?
Nemo asked 4 years ago
So I’m looking for a good binary option broker now and I came across this company. There are many reviews and comments. But I wanted to hear from you guys, who have olymp trade’s real accounts.

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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Nemo,

Did you read this review:

That’s all you need.

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Nemo answered 4 years ago
Scam Option Brokers, thanks! I couldn’t find this thread for some reason. Maybe I typed in something different. But I still don’t see any reviews.

Jhon Grizo answered 4 years ago
Everything depends on what a “normal broker” means for you. If you want a broker that doesn’t mess with your trading, provides good conditions and withdraws money on time, then olymp trade would fit the bill.

Nemo answered 3 years ago
Well, you’ve described some kind of a perfect broker. I think olymp trade, just like other companies, has its own advantages and drawbacks.

aurelio rodrigues answered 3 years ago
That’s true. Nobody says it’s a perfect broker. But trading here is nice and safe.

Nemo answered 3 years ago
And how long have you been trading with this broker?

aurelio rodrigues answered 3 years ago
I can’t say anything for sure. But I’ve been trading with this broker long enough to say that it’s reliable.

Nemo answered 3 years ago
While we are at it. How are things with assets? Are there enough of them?

aurelio rodrigues answered 3 years ago
To each his own, but the assets available in the platform are enough for me. Plus, there’s this unique cryptoindex that I trade sometimes.

Nemo answered 3 years ago
Oh, I see that you’re also into cryptocurrencies. It’s just that I’ve quite recently started trading them as well. But this time was enough for me to realize that they’re really promissing. And you can make quite a bit of money.

Juan Juan answered 3 years ago
Great broker, I trade with olymp trade for over a year now. Quality of services is on a very high level, many assets and high profitability, that’s what I like about the broker, also I’ve never had a problem with withdrawing money from this broker.

Scott Hamilton answered 3 years ago
This investment platform seems to be pretty convenient and functional. I’ve been trading in the demo account for a couple of weeks. Do demo and real accounts differ in terms of performance quality?

Vincent answered 3 years ago
Olymp Trade is not my first and, I’ll be honest, not my only broker. But I somehow involuntarily trade there more and more.

The platform is reliable and brings good profit with competent trading and the main thing is that it works quickly. I’m especially pleased that funds withdrawal is done quickly. If earlier I thought that the day is fine, now I’m spoiled. If it takes more than 20 minutes, I begin to grumble.

If only I could invest crypt, it would be just great.

Thorpe answered 3 years ago
In my opinion, trading conditions on the demo and the real account are different. Unfortunately, you know the execution time only after you invest money, but the minimum deposit is so small that I didn’t even think about it, and the first thing I did was checking whether Olymp draws the chart up on the real account. It’s generally difficult to find any drawbacks, but there are some. As it’s been mentioned before, you can’t deposit crypto on your account and there aren’t any automation tools. I wish the platform could notify about the economic news publishment, and since I trade with indicators, I wish these sound notifications could be adjusted to the indicators.

Aditya answered 3 years ago
It’s quite a decent broker, which offers quite a broad set of assets for trading. When registering I got a bonus, it works here in an unusual way. It actually works the way it should, and you can withdraw the money you make with the help of it right away. The trading program hasn’t failed me yet, it’s fast and works stably, no one disturbs me from trading and the deals are made quickly. I follow my own trading strategy with a specific set of indicators, which were fortunately provided here, but their range isn’t really big itself. By the way, i think Olymp can be a good solution for scalpers, there’s no spread here and you should spend money only on the fee.

Frank answered 2 years ago
It’s a convenient trading platform. I duly appreciated even being on the demo. Then I deposited real money and the working terms didn’t change. I mean execution time, commissions, and so on. It’s usually the other way around with other brokers and on Olymp trade you have one account for demo and real accounts. I think that’s the reason. Not everything is well. If only the broker had more assets, so that I could experiment with them on the forex platform, but there are no shares yet, and now is just the time to work with them and indices. Withdrawal takes one day – that’s pleasant!

Chasmer answered 2 years ago
I’m trading with Olymp Trade because it allows the use of robots for that aim. Previously I used to deal with a different broker (actually still having an account with him), and what I can say is that Olymp Trade ensures my main income. First of all, this company officially allows trading with the use of bots, which is certainly a plus. And secondly, their platform is almost never buggy. That’s a must for efficient autotrading!
Occasionally I test the grounds with other brokers, so that I wouldn’t be so dependent on Olymp Trade. But so far there is no credible alternative. Traditionally, companies with a good quality platform prefer their clients to refrain from robot trading. And vice-versa, the companies allowing everything (the use of robots also) are usually small organizations that have just entered the market and are badly in need of attracting customers. No wonder that their platforms are quite a mess.