Is Option Ridge legal

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Is Option Ridge, which is a binary trading company a legal and registered company, are they scamsters?

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Moderator Staff answered 6 years ago

From what we see on their website, it seems that they are a new broker that is not licensed.
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chris answered 5 years ago
Stay away from Optionridge.

i had some technical problems with their platform and tried to get help from them.
i tried live chat, submit a question and supportmail. No answer.
so i deside to make a withdrawal on November 30 2015, no reaction until today.
Mails to support no answer as usual.

Lwazi answered 5 years ago
I almost got myself into this trap. They called me today after i registered on their site to deposit $200 which luckily in my account wasn’t there and again luckily my bank blocked my card for online trading until i tell them in person that i wan to do it. She tried withdrawing from my account she got declined the system telling her that my card is being blocked by the bank and asked me to go to the bank and open my account for online trading. I wanna know if i am still safe even when my card is blocked by my bank because this lady is still gonna try by month end to transfer money into their account which i cannot afford to lose. Please help me guys know if i am not going to unlock my card in the bank i am still safe or not.

wanda jane answered 5 years ago
option ridge have taken my money and although I have asked for it back, they are gambling it away even though I have asked them to stop and return my money – DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!