Is The Bitcoin Money Machine Software a Scam?

Investment ForumCategory: Trading SoftwareIs The Bitcoin Money Machine Software a Scam?
Shantelle asked 5 years ago
Hi There,

I got an email from someone telling me to make $700 a day using the Bitcoin Money Machine software.

What is the real deal with this Bitcoin Money Machine? Does it actually work and can you make money using it?

I am fairly new to binary options, they told me that their trusted broker is Bloomex-Options.

I appreciate your help and feedback.


1 Answers
Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Shantelle,
Before you go with an untested software like Bitcoin Money Machine, you should first try one of the popular ones listed here.
New software like Bitcoin Money Machine are not worth it, and usually they stop working after a few weeks, and there is no way to contact tech support or anyone for that matter, when you have a problem with it.
Best regards.