Is the Broker MM Financial Experts Safe and Legit?

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs the Broker MM Financial Experts Safe and Legit?
Laura asked 4 years ago
Can anyone help me get some answers about investing with the brokers

I want to know if it’s safe, legit and worth my time?

It says that they are owned by: BALI LIMITED LTD, 1421 Sofia City, Sofia District, Bulgaria Lozenets, Bolgrad No.5 (same owner as StockCalls)

Thank you,


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Moderator Staff answered 4 years ago

Good Question Laura, 
We looked at the MM Financial Experts website, and did not see any license from the Bulgarian Governments Regulator which is The Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). There are hundreds of binary option brokers online, and it is usually safest to use a broker that is licensed and regulated in your local country. 
CySEC in Cyprus is currently the largest European licensor of binary option brokers, but there are very popular brokers who are licensed in Australia by ASIC, and in South Africa by FBS. 
Have a look at the “Best Brokers List” and compare this broker with the licensed brokers listed there. Best of luck! 

Anton Gerber answered 3 years ago
Stay away from mm financial services. They do not pay what is due to you. When you have made profits and you want to withdraw they ignore you like a plague. I have sent many many E-Mail to various departments but am totally ignored. Even my so called account manager Mr Louis Garcia ignores me completely.

Mathew answered 3 years ago
MMfinancialexperts is completely fraud. i lost $ 30K, no replies to email, cant withdraw anything. stay out.

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