Is the company a scam trading company

Investment ForumCategory: Broker QuestionsIs the company a scam trading company
Kari Rastas asked 1 year ago
I have been receiving calls from a company called Can’t find any information about them except their own websites , no reviews or information about the company from any other sources.

Are they legitimate.

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Moderator Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Kari,

A quick look at the Bullishcoin website shows that they are based in Dominica. **That means they are offshore and unlicensed! **

Their website was created on November 4th 2019. They say they are owned by “BS Creative Management Ltd”, which is the same company as another website Their MT4 software is under the company name TB Corp OU, which is the company that used to be called Solo Capitals.

They advertise “Recovery Programs” which means, they are targeting people whose name they bought from another unlicensed broker. They are basically saying, you already got scammed, so invest with us.

**Bottom Line…**

Never invest money with an offshore broker! Only invest with a firm that is licensed and regulated in your country.

Look at these brokers…


Oliver answered 11 months ago
I signed up for the Bitxt App, and they told me to use Bullish Coin as my broker. Since they are not licensed in Sweden by Finansinspektionen, I didn’t go with this broker.
Thank you,

Abdou Majib Cisse answered 11 months ago is definitely a scam. They shut down my account after I made my deposit payment and never got it back. 
Don’t waste your time with this mother fuckers.
Sorry for bad language.

Nico answered 11 months ago
They have my money and won\’t let me withdraw

tom answered 10 months ago
Its a scam

They are calling people in the UK from this phone number: 020 7442 5992

They have your name and email address

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