Is The MarketMiner Software a Profitable Bitcoin Robot?

Investment ForumCategory: Trading SoftwareIs The MarketMiner Software a Profitable Bitcoin Robot?
Theresa asked 3 years ago
I am interested in using the MarketMiner “Smart Crypto Currency Robot” and I am looking for other investors who have used this software to make money with Bitcoin.

I am confused because when you sign up for Market Miner, it tells me to make a deposit at TradeCoins.

Thank you in advanced for your feedback.


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Moderator Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Theresa,
We had a quick look at the MarketMiner software, and noticed that it looks like a trading signals product. Couldn’t find a place to adjust settings for automated trading.
The “broker” TradeCoins from our research shows, that they are not a licensed or regulated broker.
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