Is the Terabit Trader a Good Software or a Scam?

Investment ForumCategory: Trading SoftwareIs the Terabit Trader a Good Software or a Scam?
Gracie asked 5 years ago
Hi Guys,

Not sure if you have seen this yet, but my friend Adam Rothschild sent me an email about this new binary options trading software called the Terabit Trader.

It says that I can “Make $20,000 Per Day (Guaranteed)”, but I don’t actually believe that such a thing can be true.

Have you tested the Terabit Trader software? What were your trading results from using the Terabit Trader?

I would be happy even making $1,000 a day!

What do you think is a good software for trading binary options automatically?

Thanks for your help,


Scam Terabit Trader

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Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Gracie,
Like many other trading system for binary options, they are all promises with no results.
Forget about the trading software for a moment, and instead focus on finding a real binary options broker. Your broker must be licensed and regulated in your country, otherwise they are no better than a Nigerian email scam.
You can see licensed brokers here.
There are a few trading robots that are very popular among visitors to and you can see them here.

Moderator Staff answered 5 years ago
Have you seen the new ATS (Auto Trading System) at ?